The Ultimate Cruise Ship Quiz
by Staff
How do mammoth cruise ships stay afloat? The principles of density and buoyancy plus lots of modern technology keep today's cruise ships sailing. Take this quiz to learn more about how cruise ships work.

What happened to the QE2?

  • owned by the Dubai government
  • still cruising
  • sunk in 2008

In the early 1900s, how did people cross the Atlantic Ocean?

  • plane
  • boat
  • both answers

What caused trans-Atlantic sea travel to lose popularity?

  • availability of airplane travel
  • fear of drowning
  • both answers

How do cruise ships float?

  • principle of density
  • principle of buoyancy
  • both answers

Where is the hull of the ship?

  • above the main deck
  • below the main deck
  • captain's cabin

Which type of hull is more stable and seaworthy?

  • round-bottomed hulls
  • v-hulls
  • both answers

What is a disadvantage of a round-bottomed hull?

  • slower
  • faster
  • rough ride

How do modern cruise ships power their engines?

  • gas turbine
  • diesel electric
  • both answers

How fast can cruise ships go?

  • 10 knots
  • 20 knots
  • 30 knots

Why did the Titanic sink?

  • no azimuth thrusters
  • steered into an iceberg
  • both answers

What are the levels of a cruise ship called?

  • deck
  • port
  • bridge

Who is the captain's right hand-man?

  • chief officer
  • staff captain
  • chief engineer

What are the forms of waste that cruise ships must dispose of?

  • black water
  • solid waste
  • both answers

How do cruise ships dispose of gray water?

  • dumped into the sea
  • dumped into the sea two miles from shore
  • dumped into the sea three miles from shore

What is ballast water?

  • stabilizing water weight
  • shower waste water
  • drinking water

What type of illness is the norovirus?

  • cold
  • stomach flu
  • skin rash

What are your options if you become ill while cruising?

  • The chief medical officer can perform surgery.
  • The chief medical officer is a doctor.
  • Both answers are correct.

What political party owned cruise ships during the 1930s?

  • German Nazi Party
  • U.S. Republican Party
  • Communist Party of Great Britain

What is the largest ocean liner to sink?

  • RMS Titanic
  • HMHS Britannic
  • RMS Olympic

What happened to RMS Olympic, sister ship of RMS Titanic and HMHS Britannic?

  • sunk
  • retired
  • still cruising