The Ultimate Crustacean Quiz
by Staff
The crustacean belongs to the same major division of the animal world as spiders, lobsters, shrimp and water flies. Take this quiz and learn more about how multi-faceted this group of creatures is.

What is the common factor uniting spiders, wood lice and crabs?

  • six legs
  • venomous stings when threatened
  • membership of same division of the animal world

How many species of crustaceans are there?

  • 25000
  • 5000
  • 1000

How many segments can there be in a crustacean's body?

  • less than 40
  • up to 50
  • 60

What is the cephalothorax?

  • extension of thorax
  • abdomen and thorax
  • head and thorax

What is the chitin?

  • external skeleton
  • digestive system
  • sensory nerves

As the crustacean grows, how does the chitin develop?

  • It hardens and expands.
  • The overlapping panels increase in number.
  • It is periodically shed and a new one grows.

How does the crustacean find its way?

  • using appendages attached to the thorax
  • using its compound eyes
  • sensory nerves on the claws

If the crustacean uses its claws for grasping and eating, how does it walk?

  • Claws are also used for walking.
  • Walks on legs attached to abdomen.
  • It doesn't walk, it swims.

How many segments does the body of the lobster have?

  • 50
  • 35
  • 19

What are Entomostraca?

  • They are the only crustaceans that are not flesh-eaters.
  • They are small crustaceans without distinct body segments.
  • They are the only crustaceans that give birth to live young and not eggs.

What is the ecological effect of larger, water dwelling crustaceans?

  • They help keep beaches and streams clean.
  • Their increasing numbers endanger the aquatic ecosystem.
  • The increased popularity of sea food decreases their numbers endangering the species.

How do land-dwelling crustaceans contribute to agriculture?

  • They are vital to the fertilization of crops.
  • They prevent destruction of crops by insects and other pests.
  • Most are pests.

What do lobsters, sandhoppers and wood lice have something in common?

  • All give birth to their eggs on dry land.
  • All have 19 body segments.
  • All are exclusively herbivores.

In what part of the world are barnacles a delicacy?

  • parts of Europe and South America
  • China and Japan
  • India and Thailand

For what type of cuisine is the crayfish the main ingredient?

  • Thai
  • Indian
  • Cajun

Which marine creature enjoys a meal of krill?

  • sea bass
  • whales
  • lobsters

What are the smallest crustaceans?

  • water fleas
  • wood lice
  • pill bugs

Of all the crustaceans, which are the most common?

  • pill bugs
  • krill
  • copepods

Are crustaceans in any danger?

  • All are in danger.
  • Most are not in danger.
  • Only the fresh water ones are endangered.

What is the average size of lobsters caught today?

  • 20 pound (9 kilogram)
  • 10 pound (4.5 kilogram)
  • 1 pound (0.45 kilogram)