The Ultimate Crypton Super Fabric Quiz
by Staff
What's faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive? These days, it's not Superman but Crypton Super Fabric. It works fast at preventing staining and is so powerful, it repels icky germs. So, get yourself comfy in an easy-chair (most likely made from the super stuff) and take this super quiz.

These days, what safety issues are important to consumers when they make a purchase?

  • that the items are functional yet spunky
  • that the items wear well and last long
  • that the items have no poisonous lead or volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

What kinds of factors can play a role in the decay of fabrics?

  • stains, microscopic bugs, bacteria and mildew
  • scissor holes and fraying
  • thread unraveling and bacteria

Until Crypton Super Fabrics came on the market, people would suffer from _____

  • malodorous pet beds, germ-drenched placemats and stained sofas
  • seasonal allergies
  • tuberculosis and chicken pox viruses

Craig and Randy Rubin, both from Michigan, began to develop Crypton Super Fabrics in what year?

  • 1953
  • 1973
  • 1993

Within 15 years since its birth, the production of super fabrics had reached _____

  • 16 million yards' worth
  • 60 million yards' worth
  • 60 billion yards' worth

The original use of Crypton Super Fabrics was contained within what venues?

  • wedding halls and cafes
  • hotels, hospitals and restaurants
  • schools and universities

Crypton Super Fabrics are known to be water-resistant. How long does this attraction last?

  • up to five years
  • until the end of the one-year warranty
  • indefinitely

Are Crypton fabrics any more stain-resistant than traditional fabrics?

  • No, they're about the same.
  • Yes, a little. Unfortunately, after a few washes, the stain resistance diminishes.
  • Yes, by far. Many spills simply remain on the surface without soaking in to the cloth.

What does Crypton Fabrics claim vis-à-vis the spread of germs?

  • that germs spread a little through the fabric over time but can be washed away with special deodorizers
  • that this problem is significantly minimized due to the specially processed disinfectant quality
  • that germs cannot be controlled and that all fabrics suffer from the threat of bacteria

Which professional fields are involved in the production of Crypton Super Fabrics?

  • textile engineering and chemistry
  • medicine and bioethics
  • cryogenetics and geology

What are some of the chemical ingredients needed in the making of Crypton Super Fabrics?

  • antimicrobial and fluorochemical agents
  • hydrochloric acid and sodium chloride
  • potassium permanganate and hydrogen peroxide

Why are there UV stabilizers in Crypton Super Fabrics?

  • to protect the fabric against strong sun rays
  • to ward off fading for at least two years
  • to enhance the fabric's ability to repel staining

What components of Crypton Super Fabrics serve to decrease flammability?

  • rayon additives
  • thickeners
  • flame retardants

Which of these fabrics can undergo the innovative Crypton curing process?

  • damask and gingham
  • cotton and linen
  • muslin and denim

In what ways have Crypton Super Fabrics gone green?

  • Some of the fibers are recycled, many ingredients are eco-friendly and the processing is low in pollution.
  • They have taken on a variety of green hues, including pea-green and olive-green.
  • The fibers are often taken from composting and the production is totally pollution-free.

Crypton has developed its own line of stain-removal products. Do these work on regular fabrics, too?

  • They're still at testing stage, currently.
  • Unfortunately, they don't.
  • Yes, they do.

Which stain remover is recommended for nasty stains like beer and vomit?

  • Crypton's Gold bottle
  • Crypton's Purple bottle
  • Crypton's Green bottle

Why are Crypton products popular in hotels?

  • because they are affordable in bulk
  • because of their anti-bacterial qualities
  • because they usually fit in well with the décor

What is a common problem with regard to creating a disinfectant for fabric?

  • There are already too many disinfectants of this kind on the market.
  • It is usually a costly venture.
  • It often proves corrosive to the fabric.

What common products might be made from Crypton fabrics?

  • outdoor furniture, pet beds and quilts
  • dining-room suites and wall mounts
  • art nouveau and carpets