The Ultimate Cutting-Edge Green Bathroom Quiz
by Staff
If you're remodeling your bathroom, now is the time to consider buying materials that are good for the environment. Our informative quiz will show you how to combine design with green principles to create a cutting-edge bathroom.

If your old toilet is more than 30 years old, upgrading to a new low-consumption one can save you up to 4 gallons (15.14 liters) of water per:

  • flush
  • day
  • week

Which of the following floor coverings is the best green choice for your bathroom?

  • cork
  • bamboo
  • recycled tile

WaterSense is a new rating system for _____ devices.

  • plumbing devices
  • electronic devices
  • mechanical devices

Double-handled dual-flush toilets can save a family of four 6,000 gallons (22,712 liters) of water each:

  • week
  • month
  • year

Which type of countertop has been around for years, but now offers green alternatives?

  • butcher block
  • laminate
  • concrete

Which type of concrete is the green choice for kitchen countertops?

  • ready-mix concrete
  • fly-ash concrete
  • reinforced concrete

A _____is a dual duct system that removes indoor air through one duct and draws in fresh outdoor air through another duct.

  • heat recovery ventilator
  • heat recovery air conditioner
  • heat recovery fan

Which type of building material emits potentially toxic fumes?

  • paint
  • adhesives
  • both of the above

What's a simple way to save money on electric lights in your bathroom?

  • Install motion-activated lights.
  • Install only one light.
  • Install a dimmer.

Daylighting brings _____ into your room through the roof.

  • rain
  • fresh air
  • sunlight