The Ultimate Dallas Quiz
by Staff
Everything is big in Texas and Dallas is no exception. You can spend a few weeks in the greater Dallas metropolitan area and still not see all the attractions. Dallas is a fast moving city with an undercurrent of Old West appeal. Take our quiz to learn more about this exciting city.

What is the new tourism slogan for Dallas?

  • Everything is Bigger in Dallas
  • Be Free in the Big D
  • Live Large. Think Big.

How many square miles of land is encompassed by the greater Dallas metro area?

  • 5,000 square miles
  • 7,000 square miles
  • 9,000 square miles

Dallas is considered the home to the United States' largest:

  • urban arts district
  • country and Western music district
  • cattle farming districts

What Dallas neighboring city is known as the Place Where the West Begins?

  • Arlington
  • Fort Worth
  • Grand Prairie

The Dallas metropolitan area has many rivers and lakes, what is the name of the biggest lake located in Dallas?

  • Joe Pool Lake
  • White Rock Lake
  • Lewisville Lake

What city in the Dallas metropolitan area has the slogan Fun Central, based on hosting many theme parks?

  • Arlington
  • Fort Worth
  • Plano

What makes Dallas famous as one of the worlds most excellent shopping areas?

  • The Dallas Market Center
  • The Original Neiman-Marcus department store
  • both of the above

What is the current estimated population of the city of Dallas?

  • 1.6 million
  • 1.3 million
  • 1.0 million

What should you be aware of weather-wise when you travel to Dallas?

  • There is a good chance of severe weather in late spring including tornadoes so watch the weather and be prepared.
  • There are often sudden freak snowstorms in the winter so be prepared and keep your gas tank full.
  • Both of the above are true of Dallas weather trends.

In which city is the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport located?

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Grapevine

What is the name of the Dallas Area Rapid Transport (DART) light rail service from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport to locations in Dallas and Fort Worth?

  • Chisholm Trail Express
  • Trinity Railway Express
  • John F Kennedy Express

What is the minimum number of occupants in a car before it can use the new high occupancy lanes on Dallas highways?

  • two
  • three
  • four

What is a rule of thumb when you are approaching tollbooths on Dallas highways or beltways?

  • Stay in the right lane unless you have the special electronic pass.
  • Have the correct change ready and avoid asking directions.
  • Never attempt a lane change after you pass over the first checked warning line about a half mile from the tolls.

What is a fun option to travel between attractions in downtown Dallas?

  • Classic Horse Drawn Coaches
  • Dallas Rickshaw Service
  • McKinney Avenue Trolley

What Dallas area city is host to a famous championship rodeo that takes place every Friday and Saturday night?

  • Stockyards Championship Rodeo
  • Mesquite Championship Rodeo
  • both of the above

What is the name of the place where some of the scenes from the popular TV show Dallas were filmed?

  • Marshal Creek Ranch
  • Southfork Ranch
  • Canyon Lake Ranch

What is the new name of the building in Dallas where a gunman fired the fatal shot at President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963?

  • Dealey Plaza
  • County Records Building
  • Dal-Tex Building

What is the name of a famous and historic 20-block area in Fort Worth featuring red brick streets, shopping, dining and art?

  • Chisholm Trail Entertainment District
  • Stockyards Entertainment District
  • Sundance Square Entertainment District

What must-see attraction can you find just two miles north of downtown Fort Worth?

  • the Fort Worth Zoo
  • the Fort Worth Stockyards
  • the Fort Worth Water Gardens

What is the name of the saloon in Fort Worth whose claim to fame is being the Worlds Largest Honky-tonk?

  • Billy Bobs Texas
  • Porky’s
  • Stockyards Inn