The Ultimate Dangerous Home Products Quiz
by Staff
Your home should be a safe haven from the world's dangers, but it can actually be a hotbed for chemical exposure, leading to serious and lifelong health consequences. Everything from your living room carpet to your office room printer can produce dangerous emissions. Take this quiz and learn about common, yet potentially dangerous, household products.

How many Americans are injured by household consumer products each year?

  • approximately 10 million people
  • approximately 20 million people
  • approximately 30 million people

What does the Consumer Product Safety Commission do?

  • mostly monitors safety of children's toys
  • only monitors the safety of household products
  • only monitors the safety of products made abroad

What is a common “invisible” hazard of household products?

  • chemicals
  • radiation
  • both of the above

Indoor air is _____ than outdoor air.

  • less polluted
  • just as polluted
  • more polluted

The inhalation of chemicals from mothballs can cause:

  • cancer
  • respiratory damage
  • both of the above

Inhaling chemicals from mothballs can lead to:

  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • respiratory infection
  • sinus infection

What is a safer alternative to mothballs?

  • garlic powder
  • cedar chips
  • pine cones

What should you do if you want to use pesticides in your home?

  • Ventilate your home after use.
  • Only use authorized pesticide products.
  • both of the above

Pressed wood includes:

  • particle board
  • insulation
  • both of the above

What potentially poisonous emission comes from pressed wood?

  • formaldehyde 
  • insecticide
  • carbon monoxide

Formaldehyde emissions from pressed wood tend to increase in:

  • cold and damp climates
  • hot and humid climates
  • hot and dry climates

What are the symptoms of formaldehyde exposure?

  • respiratory distress
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • burning eyes and difficulty breathing

What type of dwellings tend to have higher formaldehyde levels?

  • prefab homes
  • trailers
  • both of the above

Pressed wood releases:

  • less formaldehyde with time
  • more formaldehyde with time
  • the same amount of formaldehyde with time

Potentially poisonous carpet emissions occur:

  • during the first days after installation
  • gradually over time
  • only in older and worn carpets

What office tool releases tiny particles in the air?

  • computer screens
  • cordless phones
  • laser printers

Emissions from laser printers:

  • occur continuously over time
  • dissipate minutes after printing
  • increase over time

What do major printer companies say about laser printer emissions?

  • They deny that printers emit dangerous particles.
  • They acknowledge that printers emit particles, but state printers are not dangerous.
  • They acknowledge the potential hazard associated with laser printers.

What is the biggest environmental threat to children?

  • lead poisoning
  • radiation poisoning
  • insecticide poisoning

What household product should you avoid using?

  • bleach
  • air fresheners
  • carpet cleaner