Quiz: Is hydrogen fuel dangerous?
by Staff
Fuel cells and hydrogen power offer many benefits, but there are dangers as well. Put on your protective gear and find out how much you know about hydrogen fuel's dangers (or lack thereof) in this quiz.

What triggered the Hindenburg blimp to explode?

  • a cigarette butt
  • a grenade
  • a static spark

What really created the Hindenburg disaster?

  • aluminum
  • matches
  • hydrogen

What happens when hydrogen leaks?

  • it releases carbon dioxide
  • it starts a fire
  • it rapidly ascends

Which of the following requires the least amount of energy to ignite?

  • hydrogen
  • ethanol
  • gasoline

What would happen if you were to breathe pure hydrogen?

  • you could break out in a rash
  • you could asphyxiate
  • your voice would get higher

How would you know if you were breathing hydrogen?

  • it smells like rotten eggs
  • it tastes metallic
  • you wouldn't know

Touching liquid hydrogen could lead to:

  • first degree burns
  • second degree burns
  • frostbite

What two qualities of hydrogen make it no more dangerous than fuels we currently use?

  • high dispersion rate and density
  • high dispersion rate and tendency to rise
  • high dispersion rate and low melting point

How did most of the victims of the Hindenburg explosion die?

  • by drowning
  • by asphyxiating
  • by jumping from the blimp

Why weren't the people aboard the Hindenburg burned by the fire?

  • the protective gear prevented injuries
  • the fire extinguishers quickly put out the fire
  • the hydrogen flames burned upward