Adventures in Officeland: Is Your Cubicle a Deathtrap?
by Staff
Even if you don’t work in landmine testing or international espionage, your workplace can be dangerous. How safe is your office?

Approximately how many injuries do American office workers sustain on the job each year?

  • 15,000
  • 40,000
  • 75,000

Which of these office mishaps most often causes disabling injuries on the job?

  • furniture collapses
  • falls
  • thrown staplers

Where should large office items like file cabinets and photocopiers be placed in a workspace?

  • in the break room
  • in the meeting room
  • away from high-traffic areas

An employee who reports unsafe working conditions to OSHA is subject to what?

  • death by firing squad
  • demotion
  • protection

How do the majority of paper shredder accidents occur?

  • while feeding paper into the shredder
  • while plugging in or unplugging the machine
  • while emptying the shredded paper basket

Which of the following is a proper safety precaution for using a file cabinet?

  • leaving cabinets open when walking away to take a phone call
  • opening only one cabinet at a time
  • shaking the cabinet to dislodge stuck papers

What are safety scissors?

  • scissors with bright orange handles
  • scissors that have been examined and approved by OSHA
  • scissors with blade guards

Why do paper cuts hurt more than other types of skin cuts?

  • Paper deposits material in the wound as it cuts.
  • Paper cuts are typically deeper than other types of skin cuts.
  • Paper is sharper than typical cutting instruments.

Which of the following is a common cause of paper cuts?

  • discarded Post-it notes
  • one sheet of paper misaligned in a stack
  • the paper cut fairy

Which of these employees is more likely to be injured on the job?

  • a government employee
  • an employee of a private company
  • self-employed workers

When using a staple remover, what should you do first?

  • Open the staple from behind.
  • Pull the front of the staple from the document.
  • Put the document face up on a flat surface.

Which of the following is an indication that you are correctly sitting in an office chair?

  • Your feet hang just above the floor.
  • Your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  • You are able to rock back and forth on the chair's legs or wheels without falling over.

Proper photocopying machine care includes which of the following?

  • If the machine stops working, hit it with a baseball bat.
  • Store the machine in unventilated areas of an office space.
  • Keep the document cover closed while the machine is in use.

Which of the following should be done to avoid falling and tripping accidents?

  • Clean floors regularly and clear them of any loose material.
  • Store printers, copiers and the like in narrow hallways.
  • Never use stairs.

Which of the following types of records are employers required to keep?

  • a list of employees most likely to photocopy their naked body parts
  • results of the office blood drive
  • records of on-the-job injuries, illnesses and deaths

What is a cable raceway?

  • a cord protector
  • a track for racing San Francisco cable cars
  • a wire on the Information Superhighway

When should a paper shredder be unplugged?

  • when the electricity goes out
  • when not in use
  • when shredding confidential documents

When should office cleaning take place?

  • Tuesdays at noon
  • around the time most employees arrive in the morning
  • when most employees are out of the office

Which of these safety precautions should be taken when storing office cleaning products?

  • Store them in their original containers.
  • Mix and match products in one container for ease of use.
  • Keep them on the desks of co-workers who seem to have abandoned good personal hygeine.

Employees should do which of the following if a copy machine is leaking toner or other chemicals?

  • Run.
  • Avoid skin contact with chemicals.
  • Take the toner cartridge out, shake it and put it back in the machine.