The Ultimate Dangers of Mercury Exposure Quiz
by Staff
Mercury exposure, in low doses, is relatively harmless and unavoidable. However, at higher doses mercury exposure can cause serious and irreversible health consequences, such as brain damage. Take this quiz and learn how to avoid mercury exposure and poisoning.

At room temperature, mercury is:

  • a silvery liquid substance
  • a metallic solid substance
  • a silvery pliable substance

How much mercury does human activity put into the atmosphere each year?

  • 500 tons
  • 1,900 tons
  • 2,900 tons

How do humans produce mercury emissions into the atmosphere?

  • through mining
  • through production of thermometers
  • both of the above

What are the health consequences of mercury exposure?

  • brain damage
  • physical and emotional disorders
  • both of the above

Why should you avoid throwing your florescent light bulbs into the garbage?

  • They can be recycled.
  • They contain mercury.
  • both of the above

What is the most dangerous form of mercury exposure?

  • mercury vapor
  • mercury ingestion
  • mercury absorption through the skin

How are most people exposed to mercury?

  • mercury vapor
  • mercury ingestion
  • mercury absorption through the skin

What food source has the highest levels of mercury?

  • red meat
  • eggs
  • fish

How do bigger fish, such as tuna, get contaminated with methylmercury?

  • from mercury found in the water
  • from mercury found in smaller sea life
  • both of the above

What type of fish have high mercury levels?

  • large predator fish
  • fish with a long lifespan
  • both of the above

What percentage of child-bearing women have unsafe mercury levels for a fetus?

  • 1 percent
  • 5 percent
  • 8 percent

What are the symptoms of mercury poisoning?

  • memory and coordination problems
  • lung, kidney and gastrointestinal damage
  • both of the above

What are the immediate effects of mercury poisoning?

  • impaired vision and speech
  • muscle weakness
  • both of the above

What are considered mid-range mercury exposure fish?

  • grouper and sea bass
  • marlin and tuna
  • both of the above

Besides limiting fish intake, how else can you limit your mercury exposure risk?

  • Get your loose fillings checked and fixed.
  • Never vacuum up a broken thermometer.
  • both of the above