The Man Without Fear: The 'Daredevil' TV Series Quiz
by Staff
Matt Murdock and his friends, Foggy and Karen, seem like they're barely able to keep their own lives together, but they still fight the good fight. Will you fight alongside them? Take this "Daredevil" TV show quiz to see if you've got what it takes.

What company does Karen work for when she first meets Matt and Foggy?

  • Stark International
  • Union Allied Construction
  • Roxxon Oil

How does Matt know whether or not someone is lying?

  • He has a low level of telepathy.
  • He can smell pheromones people give off when lying.
  • He can hear when they have an elevated heartbeat.

What's the name of the nurse that rescues Matt and gives him medical care?

  • Siobhan
  • Rose
  • Claire

What did Matt's father do for a living?

  • He was a boxer.
  • He was a cop.
  • He was a jobless alcoholic.

What is the name of the reporter who helps Karen investigate Union Allied?

  • Kyle Richmond
  • James Parker
  • Ben Urich

Who was the first person Wilson Fisk murdered?

  • his own father
  • Matt Murdock's father
  • his first wife, Layla

What's the name of the place where Matt, Karen and Foggy do most of their drinking?

  • the Blind Alley
  • Josie's Bar
  • the Irish Rose

Who trains Matt Murdock to fight using his special senses?

  • Stick
  • Elektra
  • his father

Who kills Ben Urich?

  • Fisk
  • the Punisher
  • a ninja

Where does Fisk meet Vanessa?

  • at her art gallery
  • at a classical music concert
  • on a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco

What Bible story does Fisk quote while in the police van?

  • David and Goliath
  • the Good Samaritan
  • Moses parting the Red Sea

What is Melvin Potter's specialty?

  • He creates lock-picking tools and other items often used by thieves.
  • He can hack into computer systems and retrieve files without anyone knowing he did it.
  • He builds armor and makes bulletproof clothing.

Where did Matt and Foggy attend law school?

  • Columbia University
  • Yale University
  • New York University

What is the name of the area of New York City where Daredevil operates?

  • the Bowery
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • SoHo

What item, once belonging to his father, does Wilson Fisk still wear many years later?

  • wrist watch
  • cuff links
  • lapel pin

Why does Owlsley try to assassinate Vanessa?

  • He knows she's planning to go to the FBI with proof of Fisk's criminal activities, but he also knows Fisk will never believe him if he tried to reveal her plans.
  • He's jealous of her relationship with Fisk and decides to kill her if he can’t have her.
  • He feels she's distracting Fisk from his more important criminal enterprises.

Who kills Wesley?

  • Fisk
  • Matt
  • Karen

What event turned Frank Castle into a violent vigilante?

  • suffering a head wound in Iraq that permanently changed his personality
  • being framed for the murder of a prostitute and spending seven years in prison
  • the murder of his wife, son and daughter in a gang gunfight in Central Park

What is the name of the ninja clan that Daredevil comes into conflict with?

  • the Hand
  • the Fist
  • Steel Dragon

Who does Elektra try to convince Matt to kill while they're dating, even offering him up tied to a chair?

  • the man who killed Matt's father
  • Fisk
  • Elektra's father

Who does the Hand think Elektra is?

  • the Blood Shadow
  • the Rising Sun
  • the Black Sky

Why isn't Daredevil killed when Frank Castle shoots him in the head?

  • Castle aims for Daredevil's bulletproof helmet, not wanting to kill him.
  • Castle is attacked by a ninja, throwing off his aim so the shot just grazes Daredevil.
  • Castle is badly injured and begins to lose consciousness just as he takes the shot.

How does the Punisher escape Rikers Island prison?

  • He crawls through ceiling ducts, steals a key and hides in the warden's office until the office area is empty for the night.
  • Kingpin gives him a guard's riot gear, allowing Punisher to walk right out.
  • He crawls through miles of sewer pipelines barely wide enough for his shoulders.

What is the code name of the drug lord responsible for Frank Castle's family being killed?

  • Blacksmith
  • the Owl
  • Mysterio

What inspired Castle to use the skull symbol on his vest?

  • an X-ray of his own skull
  • the logo of a punk band he liked when he was younger
  • the actual skull of one of his victims

What weapon does Elektra use?

  • jitte
  • shotgun
  • sai

What happens to Elektra after she dies?

  • Her body is sent home to Greece.
  • She spars with Stick in the astral plane.
  • Her corpse is recovered by the Hand, who seemingly resurrects her.

What is Matt's religious affiliation?

  • atheist
  • Protestant
  • Catholic

Daredevil and Elektra's disagreements come to a head when she tries to kill whom?

  • Stick
  • Fisk
  • Punisher

What caused Matt's blindness?

  • toxic chemicals that fell off a truck
  • a mysterious flash of light the night his father died
  • a gas leak caused by negligence at Union Allied