The Dark Fairy Tales Quiz
by Staff
Once upon a time, you took a quiz that told of stepsisters that dripped blood, cannibal queens and bludgeoned frogs. Welcome, my pretty, to the Dark Fairy Tales Quiz. Don't read these stories before bed.

In the original tale, the Little Mermaid suffers how?

  • walking on her new limbs is incredibly painful
  • she has to cut her hair, too
  • human voices sound like shrieking birds

Cinderella's stepsisters get what comeuppance at the end of the Grimms' version of the fairy tale?

  • They're both old maids for the rest of their lives.
  • They're made blind.
  • They are banished from the kingdom.

How does the Evil Queen die in the Grimm version of Snow White?

  • She has a heart attack from seeing Snow White alive.
  • She wears very hot iron shoes that she dances in until she dies.
  • She accidentally eats the poison apple.

Rapunzel's prince suffers what fate in the Grimm version?

  • He has to marry the witch.
  • He's killed.
  • He's blinded.

What character gets kidnapped, sentenced to prison and beat up in their fairy tale?

  • Cinderella
  • Pinocchio
  • Rapunzel

What lessons does one reading of "Little Red Riding Hood" mean to teach?

  • always leave a note
  • don't trust grandma
  • that little girls shouldn't flirt

In the Grimm version of "Little Red Riding Hood," what happens at the end?

  • The Wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother.
  • Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother are cut out of the Wolf's stomach.
  • both

What does the Evil Queen do with (what she thinks is) Snow White's heart?

  • eats it
  • makes it into a necklace
  • stomps on it

How does the Prince find Rapunzel at the end of the Grimm version?

  • raising twins
  • wandering the desert
  • both

In "Pinocchio," Geppetto:

  • eats children
  • is an executioner
  • has a terrible temper

What does Cinderella's stepmother make one daughter do in Cinderella?

  • cut off parts of her foot to fit the glass clipper
  • pretend to be Cinderella
  • fake a pregnancy to trick the Prince

Just a refresher: What does Rumpelstiltskin want from the miller's daughter?

  • her first-born child
  • a promotion
  • a nice house

How does the Sea Witch take the Little Mermaid's voice?

  • She cuts off her tongue.
  • She scratches her throat until it bleeds.
  • She magics it out through her ears.

In Hans Christian Anderson's original telling of "The Snow Queen," who is kidnapped by the queen?

  • a raccoon
  • a little boy
  • a princess

Charles Perrault wrote a fairy tale called "Blue Beard," wherein a wife is punished for what?

  • eating pie
  • not doing the dishes
  • curiosity

Perrault also wrote a tale called "Donkey-Skin," which featured what extremely dark plot point?

  • necrophilia
  • incest
  • bestiality

We won't leave you hanging — what does the "donkey skin" in the title refer to?

  • a trick the Princess plays to make her father sane
  • a disguise the princess must wear
  • a nickname for a jerk who wants to marry his daughter

What happens at the end of "The Little Mermaid"?

  • The prince marries someone else.
  • She gets a chance to become an immortal spirit.
  • both

In Grimm's tale of "Sleeping Beauty," who informs the Queen that she shall have a daughter within the year?

  • a frog
  • the evil fairy
  • the good fairies

In Grimm's tale, why were Hansel and Gretel lost in the woods in the first place?

  • They fell asleep and got confused in the dark.
  • They were naughty and went out to play without permission.
  • Their parents abandon them there.

How does Gretel trick the old witch?

  • She pretends a chicken bone is her finger, so the witch doesn't think she's fat enough to eat.
  • She gets her to crawl into the oven.
  • She fakes her own death.

Who else dies at the end of Hansel and Gretel?

  • Hansel
  • their father
  • the evil stepmother

Why does the Beast get so angry at Beauty's father in the original fairy tale?

  • He breaks into the house.
  • He steals roses from the Beast's garden.
  • He wears the Beast's clothes.

Beauty also has some rude sisters in the original. What happens to them?

  • They're run out of town.
  • They're blinded.
  • They're turned to statues.

In a traditional telling of "The Three Little Pigs," what comeuppance does the wolf get?

  • He squeals "whee whee whee" all the way home.
  • He's turned into a pig.
  • He's made into supper.

In Perrault's version of "Sleeping Beauty," the story doesn't end with the princess waking up. What other obstacle must be maneuvered to live happily ever after?

  • They had to pay back taxes on the castle after everyone woke up.
  • The Prince's mother tries to eat Sleeping Beauty and her children.
  • They had to get a prenup hammered out.

In the Grimm's "The Frog Prince," the frog demands what for granting a favor?

  • tasty flies
  • a big steak
  • to sleep in the Princess' bed

In the version, how does the princess turn the frog into a prince?

  • She boils him in water.
  • She throws him against a wall.
  • She caresses his head.

What is the Grimm's "The Rabbit's Bride" about?

  • a rabbit who tries to marry a girl against her will
  • a girl who falls in love with a rabbit
  • a prince who is turned into a rabbit

How does Pinocchio treat the Talking Cricket in the fairy tale?

  • He takes his advice.
  • He kills him.
  • He berates him endlessly.