Space Oddity: The David Bowie Quiz
by Staff
He melded music and art in strange and wonderful ways. How much do you know about David Bowie?

Which Beach Boys song did Bowie cover?

  • "God Only Knows"
  • "Little Deuce Coupe"
  • "Don't Worry Baby"

Bowie let fans vote to create the set list for a 1990 tour. Which song received the most votes?

  • "Moonage Daydream"
  • "Space Oddity"
  • "The Laughing Gnome"

Bowie loved the emotional life of his character Ziggy Stardust, because offstage Bowie felt like what?

  • a robot
  • a lizard
  • a psychopath

What was Bowienet?

  • Bowie's own Internet service provider
  • Bowie's Web site
  • Bowie's blog

In what year was Bowie inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

  • 1996
  • 2006
  • 1986

Bowie married which supermodel in 1992?

  • Iman
  • Cindy Crawford
  • Linda Evangelista

What was Bowie's first No. 1 hit in the United States?

  • "Fame"
  • "Space Oddity"
  • "Changes"

How many of Bowie's albums made the charts in 1973?

  • four
  • five
  • six

Who co-wrote Bowie's hit song "Fame?"

  • John Lennon
  • Elton John
  • David Gilmour

Bowie has sold roughly how many albums worldwide?

  • 98 million
  • 140 million
  • 200 million

Which scientist did Bowie portray in "The Prestige?"

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Albert Einstein
  • Carl Sagan

Bowie released his 1996 song "Telling Lies" over the Internet. How many copies did he sell?

  • 90,000
  • 300,000
  • 1 million

Bowie provided his voice talent for which animated show?

  • "George of the Jungle"
  • "SpongeBob Squarepants"
  • "The Simpsons"

With which musician did Bowie once share an apartment?

  • Frank Zappa
  • Freddy Mercury
  • Iggy Pop

Which musician appears with Bowie on "I'm Afraid of Americans?"

  • Kurt Cobain
  • Trent Reznor
  • Marilyn Manson

Bowie created his electronic album "Outside" with which well-known musician?

  • David Mancuso
  • Brian Eno
  • Steve Roach

During a 2004 concert, a fan struck Bowie in the face with what?

  • A lollipop
  • A shoe
  • A dead bird

In 1989, Bowie paused his solo career to be a part of which band?

  • Roxy Music
  • Tin Machine
  • Jethro Tull

What was Bowie's name at birth?

  • David Jones
  • Dave Smith
  • David Hasselhoff

With which musician did Bowie perform "Dancing in the Street?"

  • John Lennon
  • Steven Tyler
  • Mick Jagger

A BBC TV program once interviewed Bowie as the founder of "The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty" to what?

  • animals
  • long-haired men
  • fat-bottomed women

Why was Bowie's right eye permanently dilated?

  • A fistfight with a friend
  • Drug abuse
  • A genetic disorder

What was BowieBanc?

  • A Bowie-branded online bank
  • A type of cashier's check sponsored by the artist
  • An interactive, musical ATM

In 2004, Bowie had emergency surgery to treat what?

  • A blocked artery
  • Appendicitis
  • the effects of a drug overdose

In how many songs did Bowie's fictional character Major Tom appear?

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

What object did Bowie send to a writer from Rolling stone to thank him for an interview?

  • A pig fetus
  • Cocaine
  • A live bat

Bowie had the same birthday as what other rock icon?

  • Nick Cave
  • Elvis Presley
  • Buddy Holly

During promotion for which album did Bowie overdose on cocaine several times?

  • "Low"
  • "Station to Station"
  • "Diamond Dogs"

Why did Bowie stop performing as his alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust?

  • He wasn't selling enough albums to pay rent.
  • He was beginning to doubt his sanity.
  • He was tired of the media scrutiny.

In the music video for "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" Bowie is married to which actress?

  • Vanessa Redgrave
  • Judi Dench
  • Tilda Swinton