The Ultimate Daylighting Devices Quiz
by Staff
A daylighting device may offer you a great alternative to a traditional skylight. Daylighting devices can put sunlight into places that you could never dream of brightening with a standard skylight. Take our quiz now and see how you rate among daylighting device experts.

What is the basis for our attraction to bringing more sun into homes and offices?

  • Bringing more sunlight into a home increases positive ions and purifies air.
  • Bringing more sunlight into a home reduces the need for artificial lighting.
  • Bringing more sunlight into a home can reduce energy usage by 38 percent.

What incentive does a business or education facility have to pay extra for installation of devices to admit more sun?

  • New health and safety laws require businesses to increase sunlight by 30 percent within two years.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency is offering tax credit incentives to business that increase sunlight.
  • Sunlight helps to keep employees and students happy and motivated.

What is a significant shortcoming of regular windows and skylights?

  • Windows and skylights provide varying levels of sunlight by season and time of day.
  • Windows and skylights get dirty and require constant cleaning to give the most benefit.
  • Windows and skylights require expensive blinds or curtains to control levels of sunlight.

What is a daylighting device?

  • A daylighting device is a special fluorescent tube or bulb designed to simulate natural daylight.
  • A daylighting device is another name for the special booths found in tanning salons.
  • A daylighting device is an object designed to collect, transmit and emit daylight into a building.

What is a major difference between a skylight and a daylighting device?

  • Directing sunlight with a daylighting device is more flexible than with a traditional skylight.
  • A daylighting device does not require a hole in the roof for installation.
  • A daylighting device can only be installed during construction of a roof and skylights can be installed any time.

What option is unique to a daylighting device versus a traditional skylight?

  • A daylighting device filters out harmful UV rays and a skylight does not.
  • A daylighting device gives you all the benefits of sunlight without the usual heating affect.
  • The collector of a daylighting device can be positioned on a roof to collect sun all day long.

With the possibility of intense sunlight from a daylighting device for all of the daytime hours, how do you control the amount of sunlight in a room?

  • Daylighting devices employ shades in the same way skylights do.
  • Daylighting devices can be equipped with an optional electric butterfly dimmer.
  • Daylighting devices come with an adjustable metal louver system similar to air conditioning vents

How many basic parts are there to a standard daylighting device?

  • 1900-01-02 23:00:00
  • 5
  • 7

How does a daylighting device manage to bring the light from the roof into any room?

  • via a series of adjustable prisms
  • via a series of polished glass rods
  • via a series of lenses and mirrors

What would you see on the roof of a home where a daylighting device is installed?

  • You would see a motorized tube positioned at a 45-degree angle with a lens on one end that tracks the sun.
  • You would see an oblong glass object about the size and shape of a football standing on end.
  • You would see a small glass dome or pyramid sitting on top of a metal tube.

Once the sun has passed through the lenses, how is it conveyed to the emitter located in a room?

  • via a straight polished metal tube installed at a maximum 45-degree angle
  • via solid polished metal tubing with allowance for angles up to 90 degrees
  • via special flexible polished tubing made to go around obstructions

What is an issue with sunlight transmission that affects the maximum efficiency of a daylighting device?

  • Heat generated in the transmission tube reduces the light transmitted proportionally.
  • The longer the transmission section is the lower the light intensity will be when it reaches the emitter.
  • Sunlight transmission attenuation is inversely proportional to the tube length.

What is the maximum distance that the manufacturer recommends from collector to emitter for a daylighting device?

  • 30 feet
  • 35 feet
  • 40 feet

What is a common feature incorporated in the emitter of a daylighting device?

  • emitters often contain diffusers
  • emitters often contain UV filters
  • emitters often contain fans

What is a reason that sun entering a home via a daylighting device can help people feel happier and healthier?

  • Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase levels of vitamin E and associated antioxidant effect.
  • Exposure to sun has been proven to increase levels of free radicals and vitamin C.
  • Exposure to sunlight has been proven to increase levels of serotonin and vitamin D.

What is the name of a common disorder that affects people living in the northern hemisphere in the winter?

  • chronic bronchial disorder
  • seasonal affective disorder
  • seasonal chronic sinusitis

Is the installation of a daylighting device a do-it-yourself kind of project?

  • Installing a daylighting device is only for experienced roofers.
  • Almost anyone can install a daylighting device.
  • Installing a daylighting device is best left to a professional.

What is the unit of measure used to rate the amount of heat from sunlight that a daylighting device will block?

  • thermal blocking coefficient
  • solar heat gain coefficient
  • solar R-factor

Is it possible for people that live in warm climates to suffer from SAD?

  • No, only dark winter days trigger symptoms of SAD.
  • Only in rare instances when they also suffer from low levels of vitamin D and iron.
  • Yes, if they spend too much time indoors.

Daylighting devices are suitable only as:

  • accent lighting
  • ambient lighting
  • supplemental lighting