The Ultimate De-cluttering Your House Quiz
by Staff
De-cluttering your home is probably the best decision you'll ever make regarding your attitude to your own home and your place in it. With a healthy dose of positivity and a lot of motivation, you'll be amazed at the quick results and their effect on your entire family. But before you take the plunge, take this quiz.

According to a 2008 survey, 70% of respondents felt that being more organized would:

  • conflict with other interests
  • be a waste of time
  • improve their lives

Why do some people hold on to their possessions until it reaches the stage of excess clutter?

  • because they fear that they'll one day need them
  • because others pay them to do it
  • because they aren't disturbed by clutter

The length of time needed to perform the de-cluttering process is comparable to:

  • that required for cleaning the Empire State Building
  • the blink of an eye
  • that needed to go on a diet

For some people, de-cluttering is best achieved:

  • on Friday nights
  • room by room
  • inch by inch

How bad is clutter?

  • Some clutter is okay until it gets unmanageable.
  • All clutter is bad.
  • Most clutter is okay but sometimes it gets a bit much.

Where is the best place to keep things?

  • in the garage
  • wherever they're used
  • in your bedroom

What should you keep most accessible?

  • the things that have no particular place
  • the things you like
  • the things you use often

While some food and medicines have expiration dates, other things don't. How can you handle this?

  • Set your own "expiration" dates. For example, weeklies could expire every month if you decide.
  • Don't worry about those items. Keep them as long as there is no date of expiration.
  • Contact the suppliers of each item and consult with them.

How can unused cabinet space help with your de-cluttering?

  • You can use it to stash stuff that you intend to donate one day.
  • It can't. You're better off leaving some space unused or it'll clutter up the cabinet.
  • You can install hooks, racks and pegs in these places to store items.

Which of these ideas will help organize drawers?

  • Use shoe boxes or canisters.
  • Use plastic storage bins or metal trays.
  • Use zippered pouches, small boxes or bags.

One method of de-cluttering stacks of paper is to use files. Are there other options?

  • Yes, sort them into cases.
  • Yes, scan them to create digital files.
  • No, that is the only option.

_____ takes less time than hunting for it later.

  • Hunting for something now
  • Writing up a "to do" list on the refrigerator
  • Putting something where it belongs

You can teach your kids to be organized by having them _____ whenever they get a new toy.

  • unwrap the wrapping paper
  • discard one toy
  • say thank you

What is meant by "repurposing"?

  • reconsidering the reasons or purpose for de-cluttering
  • finding new uses for old items
  • recycling

How can organizing your home save you money?

  • You'll be less likely to need to replace any misplaced items.
  • It can't but it can save you time.
  • You won't need to bring in a professional cleaner.

How many trees are lost each year to facilitate junk mail?

  • 50 million
  • 100 million
  • one billion

Taking control of the organization of your home is likely to fill you with:

  • disgust
  • pride and satisfaction
  • pleasure

What is the best method for cleaning a room?

  • going from the top down
  • going from the bottom up
  • going from one side to the other

What is the effect of rotating household tasks?

  • No family member feels the responsibility of a particular task.
  • No family member becomes proficient at any given task.
  • No family member feels burdened with an unpleasant task.

Which of these are beneficial in approaching the issue of de-cluttering?

  • efficiency
  • a positive attitude
  • both of the above