The Ultimate Death Valley National Park Quiz
by Staff
Death Valley National Park, despite its name, is hauntingly beautiful and offers visitors solitude and tranquility. About 800,000 visitors come to Death Valley National Park each year and you can be one of them. Take our quiz and learn about the attractions that this unusual park has to offer.

In which U.S. state is Death Valley National Park located?

  • California
  • Nevada
  • Utah

What is the entrance fee per vehicle at Death Valley National Park in California?

  • 10
  • 15
  • 20

Of the three visitor centers at Death Valley National Park, which shares its name with the star of Reds and Dick Tracy?

  • Beatty Information Center
  • Furnace Creek Visitor Center and Museum
  • Scotty's Castle Visitor Center and Museum

How many campgrounds are there at Death Valley National Park?

  • two
  • six
  • ten

Which Death Valley resort is open all year round?

  • Peppermint Springs Resort
  • Spearmint Springs Resort
  • Panamint Springs Resort

Death Valley National Park has the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere at _____ below sea level.

  • 282 feet (86 meters)
  • 382 feet (116 meters)
  • 482 feet (147 meters)

What is the average yearly rainfall at Death Valley National Park?

  • less than two inches
  • less than four inches
  • less than eight inches

In which desert landscape at Death Valley National Park can you see hundreds of arrowweed plant?

  • Angel's Cornfield
  • Cupid's Cornfield
  • Devil's Cornfield

Which of the following terrains are found at Death Valley National Park?

  • sand dunes
  • canyons
  • both of the above

"Snowbirds" are vacationers that come south to escape the harsh northern winters. What do they love about Death Valley?

  • the solitude and tranquility
  • the history
  • the adventure

In which year was Death Valley National Park established?

  • 1984
  • 1994
  • 2004

Which types of wildlife can you see in Death Valley National Park?

  • foxes
  • jackals
  • cougars

In which desert is Death Valley National Park located?

  • the Mojave Desert
  • the Sonoran Desert
  • the Chihuahuan Desert

Which mountain range surrounds Death Valley National Park?

  • the Amargosa Range
  • the Panamint Range
  • both of the above

Summer temperatures at Death Valley National Park can rise to above _____ degrees.

  • 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43.3 degrees Celsius)
  • 120 degrees Fahrenheit (48.8 degrees Celsius)
  • 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54.4degrees Celsius)

In Death Valley, the _____ constantly change shape as a result of the persistent desert winds.

  • sand dunes
  • limestone rocks
  • ice chunks

The 5,475-foot (1669 meter) peak at _____ overlooks a breathtaking view of Death Valley.

  • Donald's View
  • Daniel's View
  • Dante's View

Ubehebe Crater is the result of _____ that took place about 3,000 years ago.

  • a volcanic eruption
  • an earthquake
  • a tornado

Which of the following was the largest mining community in Death Valley?

  • Skidoo
  • Leadfield
  • Rhyolite

Which Chicago businessman built Scotty's Castle, a lavish mansion, at the foot of the Grapevine Mountains in Death Valley?

  • Albert Johnson
  • Alfred Johnson
  • Abraham Johnson