The Ultimate Deck Building Quiz
by Staff
Building a deck is fairly easy, assuming you don't have two left thumbs. There are many ways of doing it yourself, but before you get started, take this quiz to learn more about building a deck.

What phenomenon has made homemade deck building easier than ever before?

  • Do-it-yourself projects have become more affordable and efficient.
  • There is a greater abundance of materials than ever before.
  • Do-it-yourselfers have become more proficient and capable.

What legalities do you need to look into before building a deck?

  • the possible change in your voting rights once you build
  • the taxation laws where you live
  • the building codes in your city

What additional things should you consider before you begin to build a deck?

  • what your friends and neighbors will say
  • the amount of time and experience you have
  • the nature of the dinner parties and barbeques that you intend to have on it

What must you obtain before building?

  • the foundation slab of your home
  • the required municipal permits
  • your original property papers

If you're building on your own property, why do you need a permit?

  • for civil rights purposes
  • for tax purposes
  • for safety purposes

Where can you get help to plan your deck?

  • from property developers
  • from instruction manuals
  • from online sites

A thorough building plan will contain floor plans, elevation measurements, dimensions, materials and tools needed for the project. What is such a plan called?

  • a blueprint
  • a design
  • a master plan

What is the best kind of material to use for your deck?

  • wooden parquetry
  • pressure-treated lumber
  • linoleum

What will you use joists for?

  • framing
  • elevation
  • wood staining

Which of these tools do you need for deck building?

  • a putty knife, a silicone spatula, a welder
  • a screwdriver, dowels, a plastic trowel
  • a drill, a saw, a level

What small items bear the weight and size of your deck?

  • set screws and twinfast screws
  • 16d nails and galvanized deck screws
  • sheet metal screws and masonry nails

Why is it inadvisable to use wood treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) for your deck?

  • because it is not water repellant
  • because it is a pesticide
  • because it absorbs the sun's rays

When you pour the deck pad, you must ensure that it is:

  • clean
  • non-toxic
  • level

Before you begin, why should you install flashing along your home?

  • to protect it from moisture
  • to keep it from crumbling
  • to maintain its outer texture

According to some building regulations, what do you need on each joist?

  • a joist stick
  • a joist hanger
  • a bracket

What can you use to stabilize the deck's handrails?

  • coping
  • parapets
  • balusters

If you have excessive water on your wooden deck, what could happen?

  • It could damage the wood and destabilize it.
  • It could wash the dirt away.
  • It could be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Can a well-made deck hold any weight?

  • It depends who you ask.
  • No, not necessarily.
  • Yes, of course.

How important is regular maintenance for your deck?

  • Fairly important. If you maintain it, say, once in five years, it'll look as good as new.
  • Not very important. Once you have made it structurally sound, there is not much more you need to do.
  • Very important. It can make a big difference to the lifespan of your deck.

Why should you use gloves when building a deck?

  • in order to satisfy building regulations
  • in order to prevent splinter wounds or cuts
  • in order to keep out the cold