The Ultimate Deck Ideas Quiz
by Staff
How do you generate deck ideas? You want form, function and fashion with a new home deck. So deck out and check out this breezy deck-ideas quiz.

Why are outdoor decks popular?

  • because they are attractive and useful for recreation
  • because they make efficient use of space
  • because they don't cost a lot to install

What factors determine the size and style of a deck?

  • the person's country of origin and cultural background
  • the architect's design and the builder's skill
  • the site, style of home, personal taste and budget

Should a deck match the façade of the house?

  • It makes no difference if it matches, as long as it's functional.
  • Definitely: It should match color for color, brick for brick.
  • Not necessarily, but it should match the style and mood of the home.

How can you design a deck if your home is built on a slope?

  • You build the deck on a different level, usually down a step or two, from the level of the home.
  • Sadly, it can't be done.
  • You make sure that the deck is built on pillars, since that is the usual way to access it from a slope.

What are the benefits of building an on-grade deck?

  • They take little time to construct and are always freestanding.
  • They're easy to build, rest close to ground-level and are attractive additions to single-story homes.
  • They are eminently suited to multi-story homes and are easy to maintain.

Why do they often use PVC when building an on-grade deck?

  • because it looks esthetically pleasing
  • because it's a natural material
  • because of the problem of decay and disintegration when the deck is close to the ground

Are wooden decks suited to combinations of materials?

  • Not really. They’re ideal as wood-only structures and don't blend with other materials.
  • Certainly. Many successful decks use combinations of masonry and stone.
  • Yes, but they only look good with glass.

For a multi-level deck, what ideas can help to tie in all levels with some sort of uniformity?

  • using color contrasts with each progressive deck level
  • having an alternative sun-shade-sun platform arrangement
  • using the same platform shape, railing design or bench design for each level

What are some effective ways to indicate a change in deck levels?

  • positioning built-in planters and seating at specific spots
  • placing arrows and luminous signs that clearly indicate levels
  • sticking colored striping along the edges

How could you make use of plexiglass in a deck?

  • You could use it in strips for railing instead of metal.
  • You could use it for flooring so that you can view the ground underneath.
  • You could use it as a safety barrier for children.

You want to build a deck with an unobstructed view of the scenery beyond, but your two-story home is situated within an area of trees. What can you do?

  • Build a separate stairway, leading to a freestanding deck that is supported by poles.
  • Build your deck on a series of levels, supported by a sturdy substructure, that allows you to see above tree-level.
  • Cut down the trees.

What is the advantage of a deck over a good old-fashioned backyard?

  • You avoid the problem of creepy-crawlies that are abundant in a yard.
  • You can build the deck right up to the level of your home, thus creating an "extension."
  • You use manmade materials instead of natural ones.

Which of these railing ideas introduce a hi-tech feel to your deck?

  • tubular railing
  • wire railing
  • wrought-iron railing

Is there a spatial solution for a narrow deck?

  • Yes. Remove bulky furniture to conserve the already-narrow space.
  • Yes. Build a new deck.
  • Yes. One idea is to add on angular popouts.

What do you do if there seems to be little space to construct a deck?

  • You ditch the idea of a deck altogether.
  • You knock down the side of your home that needs a deck and create the space for it.
  • You sandwich the deck between available spaces, such as between fence and house.

The most practical deck has _____

  • multiple access points
  • paneled flooring
  • greenery all around

With regard to architecture, American homes have been inspired by Roman and Greek designs since _____

  • 1492
  • the 1700s
  • the turn of the 20th century

What is a hallmark of Southern Colonial mansions?

  • ornate facades
  • colonnades
  • expansive decks

What is meant by the "Craftsman" style of architecture?

  • a style from the early 1900s that valued simplicity, beauty and "honesty" through craftsmanship
  • an artistic style featuring hand-crafted materials
  • a 1930s style of humble, low-cost craftsmanship

What were common features of wooden clapboard houses in New England?

  • wrought-iron window grilles and oak facades
  • expansive terraces and stained-glass windows
  • large fireplaces and small windows