The Ultimate Décor Answers Quiz
by Staff
Ever wonder what the answers are to some tricky home decor issues, like whether you can paint over wallpaper? Wonder no more! Find out the answers to common home decor questions by taking this quiz.

How can you redecorate your existing drapes?

  • Dye them a different color.
  • Make them into a nice decorative blanket.
  • both of the above

Your drapes have a flower pattern. What color should you dye them?

  • a deep shade of brown
  • a deep shade of blue
  • either of the above

Why should you typically avoid painting over existing wallpaper?

  • You will likely be able to see the wallpaper pattern through the new paint.
  • Painting over wallpaper creates bubbles and loose spots.
  • The paint will cause the wallpaper to peel off.

Sometimes, painting over wallpaper is possible. What should you apply to the wallpaper before you begin painting?

  • primer sealer
  • chemical wallpaper primer
  • primer glue

Once the primer is applied to the wallpaper, what should you do next before you begin painting?

  • Sand down the wall as much as you can.
  • Repair the wall and add paint primer.
  • Add a layer of chemical wallpaper primer.

How can you add uniqueness and interest to your walls?

  • Add 3D items or collections to your walls.
  • Paint your picture frames in vibrant colors.
  • both of the above

Where is a good place to display my child's artwork?

  • entry hall
  • back hall
  • both of the above

How can you make your child's artwork display look tidy and professional?

  • Put your child's artwork in picture frames.
  • Tack your child's artwork to a bulletin board.
  • both of the above

How do I create a tasteful but lived-in home?

  • Paint over existing wallpaper.
  • Make a framed display of your child's artwork.
  • both of the above

How can you change the overall style of your drapes?

  • Make new tassel tiebacks.
  • Make a new trim.
  • both of the above