The Ultimate Modern Décor Ideas Quiz
by Staff
Are you just starting out in your first city apartment? Are you downsizing from a large, traditional home and are looking for a change of style? Modern décor may be right for you. Modern décor offers myriad design options that can turn your new living space into an urban classic. Take our quiz and get great ideas for your home.

The saying "form follows function" is attributed to American architect Louis Sullivan. What does it mean?

  • Design should be based on the function of a given space.
  • Design should be functional and not frilly.
  • both of the above

Why should you eliminate clutter when planning your room or home?

  • It saves space for living.
  • Junk is unhealthy.
  • It's a principle of modern design.

Old treasures can be adapted to modern décor. Which of the following is an example of architectural salvage?

  • old columns
  • upholstered sofas
  • oak chairs

Modern décor is most suited to:

  • country living
  • city living
  • farm living

Rental spaces are great when you're:

  • starting out
  • starting over
  • both of the above

Which of the following types of homes lend themselves to modern décor?

  • condos and co-ops
  • town houses and row houses
  • both of the above

What's the best way to make use of limited living space?

  • with area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpeting
  • with dual-purpose furnishings
  • with light color paint

Which of the following window treatments is most appropriate to sleek modern décor?

  • wooden blinds
  • balloon shades
  • frilly curtains

Which building material reminiscent of the fifties is perfect for a modern loft?

  • cement blocks
  • glass blocks
  • ceramic blocks

Which type of storage space is best for complementing a modern décor in a small space?

  • built-in
  • free standing
  • white

Mixing modern and traditional styles is called:

  • a mish mash
  • eclectic style
  • mixed style

Transitional style furniture acts as a bridge between:

  • French Provincial and French Country elements
  • Arts & Crafts and Art Deco elements
  • modern and traditional elements

Mirrors are great design accents because:

  • They expand your space.
  • They contract your space.
  • They lighten up your space.

How can you maximize a lovely view from your city apartment?

  • Keep furniture low to the ground.
  • Keep furniture neutral.
  • Paint walls white.

Which color is known for its cool and serene feel?

  • red
  • blue
  • orange

White walls can be a great backdrop for:

  • artwork
  • colorful rugs
  • both of the above

Converted industrial lofts are known for their:

  • cramped spaces
  • airy feel
  • many rooms

________ colors can enhance a contemporary room with a neutral palette.

  • Subdued
  • Pastel
  • Bold

What home-design steps can you take in a hectic urban environment to reduce noise pollution?

  • Lay wall-to-wall carpeting on your floors.
  • Use acoustical tiles on your ceiling.
  • both of the above

Leaving room over kitchen cabinets to display decorative items takes its inspiration from _______ style.

  • traditional
  • Art Deco
  • fifties