The Ultimate Decorating Styles Quiz
by Staff
Considering redecorating? Can't decide whether to go for Colonial or French Provincial? Or whether or not to create your own unique style? Take our quiz and familiarize yourself with the different decorating styles out there. Happy decorating!

What would typically be found in a traditionally decorated lounge room?

  • gilt framed mirrors
  • porcelain plates in place of wall pictures
  • a Windsor chair

What wood would most likely be used in a traditional style kitchen?

  • beech
  • oak
  • mahogany or cherry

What atmosphere does country style décor create?

  • comfortable and cozy
  • classy and sophisticated
  • contemporary and understated

What accessory best represents Apple Pie American décor?

  • a Picasso
  • a handmade patchwork quilt
  • a Hollywood poster

In a French provincial home, what is the most important piece of furniture?

  • an armoire
  • a loveseat
  • a large antique dining table

What word best describes contemporary style décor?

  • minimalist
  • cluttered
  • colorful

In which style living room would you find a Lucite lamp on an antique desk?

  • country
  • traditional
  • eclectic

Retro style decorating combines all the different styles of which century?

  • 19th
  • 20th
  • 21st

Which kind of material would you find on the floor of a retro style kitchen?

  • vinyl or linoleum
  • marble or granite
  • ceramic or terracotta tile

Bamboo, porcelain, silk and bronze accessories and décor are inspired by which country?

  • Asia
  • Sweden
  • the Caribbean

A bed with velvet pillows is reminiscent of which country's décor?

  • Scandinavian
  • Indian
  • Moroccan

Which color does the Scandinavian style feature?

  • light blue
  • mint green
  • butter yellow

How does an Arts and Craft style room keep everything neat?

  • It features a lot of storage and assigns everything a place.
  • It has minimal furniture and accessories.
  • It appeals to a certain segment of the population who are neat by nature.

What kind of ceilings feature in a Southwestern style home?

  • molded
  • wooden
  • brick

How is a feeling of spaciousness created in a room?

  • by having minimal furniture
  • utilizing furniture, accessories and décor that are light and shiny, such as glass and chrome.
  • by painting the walls a stark white