Defense Against the Dark Arts Quiz
by Staff
Think you have what it takes to protect yourself from death eaters and dementors? Take this quiz find out if a career as an Auror is in your future.

Who was Harry's first Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher when he arrived at Hogwarts?

  • Professor Snape
  • Professor Quirrell
  • Professor Umbridge

Which of these is a small biting fairy?

  • gytrash
  • bowtruckle
  • doxy

What comes out of your wand when you use the Verdimillious spell?

  • green sparks
  • red sparks
  • water

What does the Periculum spell do?

  • paralyze enemies
  • speed up a broom
  • create a signal flare

Who served as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during Harry's second year at the school?

  • Professor Lockhart
  • Professor Lupin
  • Professor Carrow

True or false: The Homorphus charm can cure a werewolf.

  • true
  • false

What is another name for Petrificus Totalus?

  • hanging curse
  • full body bind
  • the killing curse

What fruit will your head end up in if the Melofors jinx is performed on you?

  • apple
  • banana
  • pumpkin

Who took on the role of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher in Harry's third year at Hogwarts?

  • Professor Snape
  • Professor Umbridge
  • Professor Lupin

True or false: Every boggart looks different.

  • true
  • false

What's the best spell to use against a boggart?

  • Riddikulus
  • Levicorpus
  • Avada Kedavra

What form does Harry's Patronus take?

  • wolf
  • cat
  • stag

Who taught Defense Against the Dark Arts during Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts?

  • Dolores Umbridge
  • Minerva McGonagall
  • Mad-Eye Moody

What creature does Harry first witness the Cruciatus curse performed upon?

  • dog
  • spider
  • human

What does the Imperius curse give to the person who casts it?

  • extraordinary wealth
  • eternal life
  • complete control over another person

Who is the only person to ever survive the killing curse?

  • Harry Potter
  • Lord Voldemort
  • Professor Dumbledore

How many unforgiveable curses are there in the wizarding world?

  • three
  • six
  • 12

Who taught DADA at Hogwarts during Harry's fifth year?

  • Severus Snape
  • Sirius Black
  • Dolores Umbridge

What does the Diminuendo spell do?

  • shrink an object
  • expand an object
  • make an object disappear

Who finally took on the Defense Against the Dark Arts teaching position during Harry's sixth year at the school?

  • Professor Dumbledore
  • Professor Snape
  • Hagrid

What are inferi?

  • plants
  • animals
  • corpses

True or false: Levicorpus raises a victim up so his body lies parallel to the floor.

  • true
  • false

What school year was Dumbledore's Army formed?

  • fifth
  • sixth
  • seventh

True or false: Impedimenta permanently freezes a victim in his place.

  • true
  • false

Which of these spells splits an object into many pieces?

  • Reductor
  • Destructor
  • Incendo

True or false: Only the best Defense Against the Dark Arts students can take the class in years six and seven.

  • true
  • false

True or false: Professor Carrow, year seven DADA teacher, was actually a death eater.

  • true
  • false

What curse did Professor Carrow perform on Hogwarts students who earned detention?

  • Diminuendo
  • Imperio
  • Crucio

Which of these spells disarms a wizard?

  • Stupefy
  • Expelliarmus
  • Depulso

Who cursed the Defense Against the Dark Arts position at Hogwarts so that no teacher could hold it for more than one year?

  • Harry Potter
  • Professor Dumbledore
  • Tom Riddle