The Ultimate Denali National Park Quiz
by Staff
Whether you're viewing the caribou migration or Mount McKinley at Denali National Park, you will not soon forget the sight of these remarkable natural wonders. Check out our quiz and start planning a trip to this stunningly beautiful park.

In which U.S. state will you find Denali National Park?

  • Alaska
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas

Which mountain peak in Alaska is North America's highest?

  • Mount Roosevelt
  • Mount Garfield
  • Mount McKinley

By which mode of transportation can you reach Denali National Park?

  • train
  • bus
  • both of the above

What is the entrance fee per family to Denali National Park?

  • 5
  • 10
  • 20

How many campgrounds are there at Denali National Park?

  • one
  • three
  • five

Because of the total freedom and natural abundance in Alaska, Denali National Park is a very unique _____ sanctuary.

  • wildlife
  • human
  • forest

What is another name for the Anchorage-Fairbanks Highway?

  • the George Washington Highway
  • the George Michael Highway
  • the George Parks Highway

Which railroad has a passenger station on the Denali National Park's eastern border?

  • the North American Railroad
  • the Anchorage Railroad
  • the Alaska Railroad

In which year was Denali National Park established?

  • 1917
  • 1927
  • 1937

Which of the following are part of the terrain of Denali National Park?

  • desert
  • canyons
  • mountains

Which of the following activities are available at Denali National Park?

  • bicycling
  • jeep tours
  • sled-dog demonstrations

Most of the mountains at Denali National Park are treeless because:

  • There isn't enough water.
  • There isn't enough sun.
  • Trees don't grow in northern areas above 3,000 feet ( 914 meters).

Which species of wildlife are the unqualified leaders of the Alaskan terrain?

  • grizzly bears
  • penguins
  • whales

Which Denali landscape, a favorite of outdoor photographers, is also home to a variety of wildlife?

  • Reflection Lake
  • Reflection Pool
  • Reflection Pond

Which of the following Alaskan landscapes offer stunning photo opportunities?

  • Horseshoe Lake
  • Sable Pass
  • both of the above

How many river valleys are there on the road to Wonder Lake at Denali National Park?

  • five
  • seven
  • nine

How long is the gravel road that cuts across the northern range of Denali National Park?

  • 30 miles (48 kilometers)
  • 60 miles (97kilometers)
  • 90 mile (145 kilometers)

During which season does Denali National Park in Alaska enjoy almost 24 hours of sunlight?

  • fall
  • summer
  • winter

In Denali National Park in Alaska, what connects the alpine region of the high mountains with the tundra-covered lowlands?

  • glaciers
  • rivers
  • mountain passes

How many national parks are there in Alaska?

  • two
  • five
  • eight