The Ultimate Design Collecting Ideas Quiz
by Staff
If you don't collect your designs you might not get the best results. Take our quiz to find whether you know how best to collect your designs.

Why should you collect your designs?

  • to keep track of your ideas
  • because that's the law
  • because everyone else does

If you're decorating several rooms which of these should you try?

  • Buy everything you need, and then separate the stuff according to rooms.
  • Finish one room before starting another.
  • Collect your ideas in separate binders before ever getting started.

When you find an idea in one of your magazines what should you do?

  • Subscribe to that magazine.
  • Tear it out the page and paste it in your design book.
  • Return the magazine to the store.

When on home tours, what is the best way to retain information?

  • Ask for a brochure.
  • Draw diagrams.
  • Take photographs.

What is the best way to keep track of possible colors?

  • Buy a bucket.
  • Get a paint chip.
  • Take a photo.

How should you collect ideas for wall paper and flooring?

  • Tear a small piece off of one that you like.
  • Print a sample from the Internet.
  • Ask a dealer for a sample.

Even of you've hired a professional, why should you read up on the process?

  • to communicate with the professional
  • for personal edification
  • to eventually become a pro

Before hiring a contractor you should get which of the following?

  • a verbal agreement
  • an estimate
  • a guarantee

Why keep before-and-after photos?

  • It's fun.
  • It's the law.
  • The contractor will require it.

What is the purpose of getting and keeping a copy of the final checklist?

  • to make sure you get what you've paid for
  • to track progress
  • it's a lot of fun

What might you do to ensure a cohesive look?

  • Use only one color for the room.
  • Buy all of your items from the same store.
  • Formulate a complete look in your design book.

Which of these is a good example of a do-it-yourself project?

  • electrical repairs
  • building a new room
  • putting in new flooring

How can you use a design book to save money?

  • Collect and compare price samples.
  • Demand a discount for all of your hard work.
  • Trade the design book for a new kitchen item.

Which of these is the best source of décor inspiration?

  • the Internet
  • an upscale catalog
  • a friend

Which of these is the main priority of upscale catalogues?

  • esthetics
  • practicality
  • savings