The 'Despicable Me' Quiz
by Staff
Ace this "Despicable Me" quiz or face the shrink ray … No, no, no, we said shrink ray, not stink ray!

Which character is the villain-turned-hero in the animated feature "Despicable Me"?

  • Vector
  • Dr. Nefario
  • Gru

What year was the movie "Despicable Me" released?

  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012

Which actress plays the voice of Gru's mom in "Despicable Me"?

  • Kristen Wiig
  • Julie Andrews
  • Jane Fonda

Which studio provided the animation for the 2010 feature "Despicable Me"?

  • Illumination Mac Guff
  • DreamWorks
  • Pixar

True or false: Gru's first name is Felonious.

  • true
  • false

Directors Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud provide the voices of which characters in "Despicable Me"?

  • the carnival barkers
  • the orphan girls
  • the Minions

Which "Despicable Me" character says, "Cookie robots! I said cookie robots!"?

  • Gru
  • Mr. Perkins
  • Vector

Which former Nickelodeon star voices the character Margo?

  • Amanda Bynes
  • Victoria Justice
  • Miranda Cosgrove

What color are Gru's Minions?

  • blue
  • purple
  • yellow

Which name does not belong to one of the orphan girls in "Despicable Me"?

  • Agnes
  • Elizabeth
  • Margo

Which character is Gru's elderly assistant?

  • Mr. Perkins
  • Fred McDade
  • Dr. Nefario

Where do the three orphan girls live before they are adopted in the movie "Despicable Me"?

  • Miss Hattie's Home for Girls
  • Mr. Perkins Home for Children
  • The Sunnydale Orphanage

What does the villain Vector hide behind his lair?

  • a pyramid
  • the Eiffel Tower
  • the Statue of Liberty

When was the animated sequel "Despicable Me 2" released?

  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014

What are the orphan girls selling door-to-door at the beginning of "Despicable Me"?

  • candles
  • cookies
  • popcorn

True or false: The minion language in "Despicable Me" was improvised by each minion voice actor.

  • true
  • false

What amusement park do the girls beg Gru to take them to in "Despicable Me"?

  • Super Silly Fun Land
  • Disneyland
  • Six Flags

Which character says, "Squid launcher! Oh yeah!"?

  • Gru
  • Vector
  • Mr. Nefarious

What does Gru plan to steal to regain his status as supervillain in "Despicable Me"?

  • Stonehenge
  • the sun
  • the moon

Which actress plays the voice of the villain Scarlet Overkill in the animated movie "Minions"?

  • Melissa McCarthy
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Kate Hudson

Which organization asks for Gru's help in "Despicable Me 2"?

  • the FBI
  • the CIA
  • the AVL

When was the animated film "Minions" released?

  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016

In "Despicable Me 2," which villain is in hiding as the restaurant owner Eduardo Perez?

  • El Macho
  • El Gato
  • El Guapo

Who is the president of the Bank of Evil?

  • Mr. Lehman
  • Mr. Smith
  • Mr. Perkins

Which 1960s television show does not appear in the department store scene in the movie "Minions"?

  • "The Saint"
  • "Bewitched"
  • "Hogan's Heroes"

Which "Minions" character is voiced by actor Jon Hamm?

  • Herb Overkill
  • Professor Flux
  • Walter Nelson

True or false: Actress Kristen Wiig plays the character Miss Hattie in "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2."

  • true
  • false

What is the title of the book Gru reads to the girls in "Despicable Me"?

  • "Sleepy Kittens"
  • "Three Little Kittens"
  • "The Sleepy Children"

Which character says, "He's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"?

  • Margo
  • Edith
  • Agnes

What movie are the Minions auditioning for during the end credits of "Despicable Me 2"?

  • "Despicable Me 3"
  • "Minions"
  • "The Secret Life of Pets"