The Ultimate Diabetes Insulin Quiz
by Staff
Many people with type 2 diabetes, and all people with type 1 diabetes, require daily insulin shots. Insulin treatment and meal planning is an intricate dance that takes experience and practice. Take this quiz and learn about the different types of insulin options and alternative insulin treatments.

What is the most common method of injecting insulin?

  • insulin syringe
  • insulin pens
  • insulin inhalers

How do the different types of insulin differ?

  • their duration
  • their peak
  • both of the above

How much insulin do you require if you have diabetes?

  • a low level throughout the day
  • a peak of insulin after eating
  • both of the above

How many insulin shots do you need daily if you have diabetes?

  • two
  • four
  • six

The effects of insulin may vary depending on:

  • where you inject insulin in the body
  • the activities you do
  • both of the above

What type of meal schedule do you need to follow if you are taking insulin shots?

  • four meals per day
  • three meals and two snacks per day
  • three meals and one snack per day

What do you need to know if you want to follow a more flexible meal schedule when taking insulin?

  • how food and insulin interact
  • frequent blood glucose monitoring
  • both of the above

What is a benefit of an insulin pump?

  • It eliminates the need for insulin injections.
  • It allows greater flexibility regarding meal scheduling.
  • both of the above

Insulin pumps deliver insulin through a tube:

  • under the skin
  • in the intestine
  • in the esophagus

Insulin pumps can:

  • calculate how much insulin you need
  • monitor your blood glucose
  • both of the above

What is pramlintide?

  • a type of insulin shot
  • a type of non-insulin shot
  • a diabetes pill

How does exenatide work?

  • It stimulates the pancreas.
  • It makes insulin receptors more sensitive.
  • both of the above

What are other proven therapies for diabetes?

  • exercise and eating well
  • insulin patch
  • both of the above

What new medications may replace the need for insulin therapy?

  • a drug that manipulates the brain to decrease hunger
  • a drug that turns off the body's ability to stop insulin production
  • both of the above

In addition to an insulin treatment plan, what other help should you seek when you have diabetes?

  • a psychologist
  • a diabetes health care professional
  • a diabetes education program