The Differential Quiz
by Staff
Usually, differentials are where a car's power makes its last stop before spinning the wheels. They also enable those wheels to rotate at different speeds. Find out how well your wheels are spinning with the differential quiz.

What does the differential split?

  • the drive shaft
  • the engine torque
  • the transmission

How many differentials do all-wheel-drive vehicles need?

  • one
  • two
  • three

What type of differential always applies the same amount of torque to each wheel?

  • open differentials
  • closed differentials
  • partial differentials

When might an open differential be a problem?

  • driving on hot asphalt
  • making a turn
  • driving on ice

When a wheel slips, what type of differential allows more torque to be transferred to the non-slipping wheel?

  • stable differentials
  • limited slip differentials
  • closed differentials

A locking differential is useful for what type of vehicle?

  • sports car
  • off-road vehicle
  • hybrid vehicle

What does viscous coupling usually link in a vehicle?

  • the front and back wheels
  • the right and left wheels
  • the engine and the transmission

Distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance equals:

  • velocity
  • speed
  • torque

Which of the following is one of the jobs of the differential?

  • to allow the wheels to rotate at exactly the same speed
  • to maintain torque
  • to aim the engine power at the wheels

Why do part-time four-wheel-drive systems have a hard time turning on concrete when the four-wheel-drive is engaged?

  • because they have weak differentials
  • because the front and rear wheels are locked together
  • because the equal torque is applied to the front and rear wheels