The Ultimate Dining Room Decorating Quiz
by Staff
There are lots of dining room decorating ideas, depending on the mood you want to create. Get in a good mood by answering this dining room decorating quiz.

In your dining area, how much space should you figure for the table and chairs?

  • approximately five square feet for the table and 25 inches (63.5 centimeters) for chairs
  • no difference as long as they fit next to the wall
  • approximately eight square feet for a table and 36 inches (91 centimeters) for chairs

What dual purpose does a drop-leaf table serve?

  • It can be opened up when guests come or remain closed as a hall table.
  • It is used as a small table for eating purposes or as a large seat when you want to lounge around.
  • It can be used as a small table for eating or as a full-size billiard table when open.

What other storage ideas can you implement in your dining room in addition to cabinets?

  • corner china cupboards, plate racks and wall shelves
  • plastic storage boxes and crates
  • ceiling-suspended storage drawers and quaint, tidy coat racks

How can you create a dining room with a glamorous look?

  • with a beautiful rug, stone floor and pretty wall-hangings
  • with wicker chairs, a rectangular table and pastel-toned drapes
  • with a round table, elegant chairs and elongated chandeliers

Glass doors, a glass-topped table and a high ceiling give your dining room what sort of look?

  • Victorian-era
  • 1920s
  • modern

To give your dining room a feeling of serenity, what would you need?

  • lots of curves and no sharp edges
  • wide stripes
  • a few mirrors

Your spouse wants to paint the walls a rose-toned shade. Will it go down well in a dining room?

  • No. Try to use the idea instead for a bedroom.
  • Yes. It might even give a cozy feel to the room on chilly nights.
  • Not exactly. It's best to discourage this idea.

What could you use as a regal focal point in your dining-room décor?

  • an ornate rug
  • an expansive hearth
  • a sideboard

An effective dining-room décor captures the element of surprise. What is one idea of "surprise"?

  • an elaborate ceiling decoration, as opposed to plain white
  • a tiger-skin rug on the floor
  • wallpapered walls

You want an Indian-bazaar look in your dining room. What would you put with traditional pieces to get this look?

  • porcelain ornaments
  • ethnic pieces
  • curry-colored pieces