The Ultimate Dirty Jobs Quiz
by Staff
Yeah, handling human excrement seems like a terrible way to spend your day -- but it comes with a hefty paycheck. Take this quiz on high paying dirty jobs and find out if you might be ready for a career change.

Which dirty job consistently ranks high on lists of dangerous jobs due to the added hazard of dodging impatient drivers?

  • driving instructor
  • garbage collector
  • traffic cop

Which type of physician has the dirty task of addressing such conditions as problem flatulence and abnormal stool?

  • gastroenterologist
  • dysentariologist
  • urologists

Which dirty job that takes place in the ocean is so loud that workers must use hand signals to communicate?

  • marine biologist
  • underwater salvage operator
  • oil rig worker

Workers with the dirty job of cleaning portable toilets usually clean how many each day?

  • 1
  • 3 to 5
  • 10 to 60

Which dirty job also ranks as the world's most dangerous job?

  • crab fishing
  • pediatrician
  • lion tamer

What are some things sewage divers encounter while they're on the clock?

  • rats
  • dead bodies
  • both

What dirty job includes the added hazard of developing black lung?

  • coal miner
  • tobacco tester
  • house painter

What dirty job traces it roots back to ancient Egypt?

  • taxidermist
  • jewelry appraiser
  • embalmers

Which dirty job didn't exist as a widespread profession until after 1829?

  • undertaker
  • plumber
  • tax collector

Which dirty job involves dealing with both blood and anthrax?

  • crime scene cleaner
  • sheep herder
  • boxing promoter