DIY Halloween Decor Quiz
by Staff
Halloween mixes the scary with the fun and entertaining. Decorating for the holiday can become an elaborate task, but by creating your own decorations, you and your children can have fun together. Take this quiz to see how much you know about DIY decorating for Halloween.

Other than helping you bond with your kids, what is another benefit of making your own Halloween decorations?

  • saving money
  • better quality product
  • less waste

What can be turned into a good, homemade alternative to store-bought spider webs?

  • gauze
  • white twine
  • cotton balls

What should you do before sticking your stenciled and drawn spiders on your outdoor walkway?

  • laminate them
  • mount them on cardboard
  • place them on a foil background

What is a supply you can use to make small ghost decorations?

  • tissues
  • a sheet
  • old newspaper

What is an especially nice touch for large-scale ghosts that you will hang outside?

  • glow-in-the-dark paint
  • a standing lamp
  • stuffing for the head

What secondary Halloween purpose, beyond just decoration, can a witch's broom be useful for?

  • lighting
  • protection of property
  • cleaning

What supply can easily be made into a witch's hat decoration?

  • cardboard
  • crepe paper
  • scrap metal

What can you use to put out a bunch of candy corn?

  • a gourd
  • gauze
  • the brush end of a broom

What can make a pumpkin or gourd stand out from your traditional jack-o'-lantern?

  • varying your color choices
  • placing it in the middle of green grass
  • surrounding it with Halloween-colored leaves

What is a fun and creepy decorating idea that uses dolls and rubber snakes?

  • specimen jars
  • toy graveyard
  • doll ghouls