Quiz: Do you know how a nail gun works?
by Staff
If you're a home maintenance buff, you know that every second counts. And that's why, instead of spending your whole day hammering in nails manually, you know it's worth it to use a nail gun. Nail guns are trusty, reliable, safe and easy to use. But before you get your finger on the trigger, take this quiz to learn how they work.

What is the advantage of using a nail gun?

  • cheaper than a regular hammer
  • saves time
  • can double as a screwdriver

What is the maximum speed that a nail gun can hammer in a nail?

  • 700 feet (214 meters) per second
  • 1,400 feet (427 meters) per second
  • 2,100 feet (640 meters) per second

What are the two functions of nail gun with a spring-loaded design?

  • It measures the depth needed for each nail and hammers it in during one mechanized blow.
  • It hammers the nail in with two swift blows and smoothes down the nail head.
  • It concentrates hammering force into one blow and then reloads.

Why are there two axles in a nail gun?

  • One moves a scooper plate; the other moves a gear train.
  • One moves a motor; the other moves a hammer.
  • One moves a spring; the other moves a lever.

What part of the mechanism drives the hammer downward at top speed?

  • the scooper plate
  • a compressed spring
  • two compressed springs

How are nails held together in the most common kind of nail-loading mechanism?

  • strung together end to end
  • glued together in a long strip
  • held together in a compact bunch

Is the glue a help or a hindrance to the hammering process?

  • help
  • hindrance
  • neither

The solenoid is a kind of ________.

  • electromagnet
  • conventional hammer
  • gun

With an electromagnet, can you change the orientation of the poles?

  • Yes, but doing so doesn't have any effect on anything.
  • Yes, and you can thus reverse the current flow.
  • No, they are permanent.

What is the disadvantage of a solenoid nail gun?

  • It doesn't work without solar power.
  • It's power is limited.
  • It runs out of power often and needs recharging.

What creates the hammering force of a pneumatic nail gun?

  • compressed air
  • atomic fusion
  • nuclear fission

Where does the pneumatic nail gun get the constant supply of air from?

  • The piston cylinders draw air in from the surroundings.
  • Self-refilling air cans are attached.
  • It doesn't; the supply of air must be continually replenished.

Which of these is true about the pneumatic nail gun?

  • It is slow.
  • It is limited in power.
  • It is cumbersome.

What's inside the gas reservoir of a combustion nail gun?

  • inert gas
  • flammable gas
  • compressed air

What is the small explosion inherent in the triggering of the combustion nail gun?

  • A charge is sent to the spark plug, which ignites the gas and causes combustion.
  • The flammable gas mixes with regular air, causing an explosion.
  • The downward motion of the nail being hammered in makes an explosion.

Why is there a second trigger in a combustion nail gun?

  • It's a backup in case the first trigger fails.
  • It gives the gun more force.
  • It's a safety device.

How does an imbalance of atmospheric pressure drive the nail gun?

  • When there is greater pressure below the piston, it moves downward.
  • When there is greater pressure above the piston, it moves downward.
  • When there is greater pressure above the piston, it moves upward.

Why do nail guns need safety devices?

  • so you don't hurt yourself while using the nail gun
  • so you don't accidentally shoot a nail into the air
  • so a nail doesn't get fired if you accidentally drop the nail gun

What is the reason that manufacturers developed a sequential trip system?

  • because the market wanted something new
  • because old models of nail guns wore out very quickly
  • because the nail gun's regular safety catch wasn't foolproof

How does the sequential trip system work?

  • You must release then hold down the trigger every time you fire the nail gun.
  • You have to undo a safety catch with one hand and then press the trigger with the other hand.
  • You open a valve and hold down a trigger whenever you fire a nail.