Quiz: Do you know how to repair a dishwasher?
by Staff
Want to save yourself a few bucks and troubleshoot your dishwasher's problems? Most malfunctions are easy to diagnose and even fix by yourself. Take this quiz to see if you could perform your own dishwasher repairs.

What must you disconnect from the dishwasher before doing any repairs?

  • the power supply
  • the water supply
  • both

Where does the dishwasher get its water from?

  • water heater
  • cold water pipe
  • hot water pipe

For the best cleaning, the dishwasher water temperature should be _________.

  • at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius)
  • no more than 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • exactly 140 degrees Fahrenheit

How do you access most of the moving parts of the dishwasher?

  • Remove the front cover.
  • Remove the back cover.
  • Open the dishwasher.

What voltage do dishwashers in the U.S. usually run on?

  • 115 volts or 120 volts
  • 150 volts or 160 volts
  • 220 volts or 240 volts

If the circuit connected to the dishwasher is receiving power but the dishwasher still isn't working, what else could be the problem?

  • The whole electrical panel might be faulty.
  • A switch wired to the same circuit might be faulty.
  • A fuse is blown.

How would you determine if the dishwasher door is loose?

  • Run your fingers around the outside rim of the door to feel if it's loose.
  • Close and latch the door, hold it closed and start the dishwasher.
  • Tap the dishwasher on all sides and listen for a rattling noise.

What would you use a volt/ohm meter for?

  • to test the dishwasher door switch
  • to replace the top rack of the dishwasher
  • to repair the gasket

Because the dishwasher door latch is used repeatedly, what could happen to it?

  • loosening and shifting
  • rusting
  • melting

What's the purpose of the gasket?

  • to insulate electrical wires
  • to regulate water temperature
  • to seal the dishwasher

Where in a dishwasher is the float switch located?

  • behind the wiring
  • next to the control panel
  • at the bottom of the machine

How do you fix a malfunctioning timer?

  • You don't; call a professional.
  • Simply unscrew it from its mount and replace with a new one.
  • Replace the batteries in the timer.

If the dishwasher doesn't fill with water, where should you look for the problem?

  • water supply and inlet valve
  • circuit breaker and timer
  • control panel and detergent dispenser

What does the water inlet valve do?

  • controls detergent release
  • controls the dirty water output
  • controls the water intake

How do you repair misshapen inlet valves?

  • You don't. You replace them.
  • Heat them with a hair dryer and push them back into shape.
  • Hammer them back into shape.

How is water emptied from most dishwashers?

  • through a pipe connected directly to the sewer line
  • through the kitchen sink
  • through the bathroom

Are there drain valves in all dishwashers?

  • yes
  • only in dishwashers with nonreversible motors
  • only in dishwashers with reversible motors

What could be the cause of a soap dispenser problem?

  • using the wrong kind of dishwasher soap
  • not using enough dishwasher soap
  • using too much dishwasher soap

What should you do if the loaded dish rack is jammed into place?

  • Unload the rack, lift it off the tracks and correctly replace it on the tracks.
  • Replace the dish rack with a new one according to your dishwasher model.
  • Grease the dishwasher track and pry it out.

What tools could you use to clean the holes in the water sprayer arm?

  • toothpicks or matchsticks
  • small nails
  • wooden manicure sticks or sharpened pencils