The Ultimate Dog Show Quiz
by Staff
The apple of your eye is your cocker spaniel, who you think is definitely dog show material. What do you need to know to enter it in a show? What can you win? Take this quiz to learn what you need to know about dog shows.

Which body runs the most famous dog show in the U.S.?

  • The American Kennel Club
  • Dog Schools of America
  • Dog Breeds International

What is the largest dog show in the U.K.?

  • Rau Dog Show
  • The National Dog Show
  • Crufts

Dog shows are called by another name sometimes. What is the name?

  • confrontation shows
  • conformation shows
  • confirmation shows

How do they judge the dogs at a dog show?

  • Each dog is compared to the other.
  • Each one is compared to the ideal in its breed.
  • Each dog is judged on its own merit.

Which of these features are assessed at a dog show?

  • balance, head, teeth
  • size, legs, color
  • both of the above

What is meant by the dog's "attitude"?

  • the dog's manner
  • the dog's mood
  • the dog's relationship to the owner

Since when has the Westminster dog show taken place?

  • since 1847
  • since 1877
  • since 1907

Once a dog gains 15 points from three different judges, it is designated:

  • winner
  • champion
  • number one

How are the dogs classified at specialty shows?

  • into male/female, then into six classes
  • into shorthaired/longhaired, then into five classes
  • into size, then into seven classes

What determines the number of points a Winners Dog gets?

  • It goes according to the number of times the dog has competed.
  • It goes according to the bets that were placed on it.
  • It goes according to how many dogs it defeated.

In a dog show, who or what is an all rounder?

  • It is a dog that has competed in all categories.
  • It's a judge who is qualified to judge any breed.
  • It is a handler who knows how to train his dog for star performance.

What traits are hounds known for?

  • their uncanny hearing and exceeding loyalty
  • their strength and energetic personalities
  • their excellent sense of smell and amazing endurance

Which dog group may not compete in the All-Breed show?

  • non-sporting dogs
  • toy dogs
  • miscellaneous

The Best in Show award is given after the dogs have been narrowed down to the final contestants. How many finalists are there?

  • four
  • seven
  • ten

What argument do critics give for their objection to dog shows?

  • It leads to inbreeding and unhealthier dogs.
  • It is cruel to animals.
  • It doesn't allow for individuality.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) strongly oppose tail-docking. What is this?

  • amputation of the tail due to breed standards
  • clipping the tail fur too short
  • having the dog's head lower than the tail

Who does Scruffts Dog Show cater for?

  • anyone who wants to enter
  • older dogs
  • working dogs

Dogs competing in agility trials must:

  • be within a certain age group
  • go on a leash
  • complete a number of athletic tasks

One task in obedience trials requires the dog to follow the handler's hand signals. What is not allowed here?

  • signaling with both hands
  • any verbal cues
  • repeating any signal

Which country hosts the World Dog Show?

  • Poland
  • Mexico
  • a different country each time