Study up: The Dorm Décor Test
by Staff
You won't need a blue book for this exam. Answer the questions to improve your decorating GPA.

College is often the first chance for a person to do what to a room of their own?

  • fumigate it
  • decorate it
  • renovate it

College students often have a lot of disposable income for what?

  • drinking
  • decorating
  • nothing

What is a good source of free furnishings and décor?

  • family members
  • sweepstakes
  • the financial aid department

What is something inexpensive you can do if you don't like the style of the hand-me-downs you receive?

  • Tell the person you got it from they have bad taste.
  • Update it with paint or a slipcover.
  • Throw it in the garbage.

What is a benefit of making your own décor?

  • It's inexpensive.
  • It's expressive.
  • both are correct

Why shouldn't you spend a lot of money on decorating your dorm room?

  • Your decorating style and tastes will evolve over the years.
  • Your roommate might steal your stuff.
  • Your school might set a budget limit.

In which of these places will you NOT find quality used furniture and decorative items?

  • consignment stores
  • warehouse stores
  • charity stores

What should you be wary of when buying something through an online classifieds site?

  • scams
  • broken or non-operational items
  • both are correct

Dumpster-diving is a great way to furnish your dorm room for what reason?

  • Duh -- it's free.
  • Most people who can afford to throw out their furniture have great taste.
  • Dumpster-diving actually isn't a good idea.

Should you split decorating costs with your roommate?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

What is one of the best strategies for decorating a dorm room on a budget?

  • buying small accessories
  • investing in quality larger items
  • only buying bedding

Accessorizing a room is a lot like what?

  • taking a test
  • solving a puzzle
  • accessorizing an outfit

Accessories allow you not only to decorate on a budget, but what else?

  • redecorate on a budget
  • decorate like an interior designer
  • decorate in a lasting way

Stick-on decals, chalk murals and enlarged photographs are affordable options for decorating what?

  • your floors
  • your walls
  • They're not affordable options for decorating.

Affordable accessories are most likely to be found where?

  • yard sales
  • popular retail stores
  • both are correct

What are some primary decorating concepts for guys to focus on?

  • matching and color-coordinating
  • cleaning and organizing
  • grouping and displaying

Canvas storage boxes and under-the-bed boxes are a great way to deal with what?

  • clothes and shoes
  • books
  • DVDs

What is something that can double as both a storage container and extra seating?

  • a plastic bin
  • a storage ottoman
  • a bed

What are some other common storage items suitable for a dorm room?

  • canvas totes
  • stackable shelves
  • both are correct

What is the No. 1 decorating don't for college students?

  • not matching the throw pillows with the bedspread
  • using pastel colors
  • using credit cards