Tidy or Terrifying: The Dorm Housekeeping Quiz
by Staff
Dorm life is one heady, exciting adventure. Except until you discover your roommate is a slob, communal showers are gross and your mom isn't here to make anyone clean out the refrigerator. Still, you get to make your own decisions about whether your dorm environs are tidy or terrifying. Where do you land on the dorm housekeeping spectrum? Take our quiz and find out.

Clutter can make your dorm terrifying. What's the best remedy?

  • Never, ever bring your homework back to your dorm room.
  • Always hang out in your friend's room down the hall.
  • Place items that create clutter in a box and store it neatly in a convenient spot.

What's a good strategy for keeping important papers from getting lost?

  • File them.
  • Give them to your mom.
  • Ask for duplicates.

Guys, what's one way to make headway in the college dating game?

  • Keep your dorm room tidy.
  • Ask your roommate to clean your shared space and then leave for the evening.
  • Use lots of cologne.

Why are dorm rooms so difficult to keep de-cluttered?

  • Your dorm room is probably smaller than your bedroom at home.
  • Your dorm room serves multiple purposes, from studying to lounging to dining.
  • Both of the above

Which simple household item can take your dorm from terrifying to tidy?

  • plastic cups
  • low-wattage light bulbs
  • a sharp knife

Losing the laundry battle? Try:

  • paying a housekeeper
  • shoving the dirty clothes under the bed
  • putting dirty clothes into a hamper as soon as you remove them

Which inexpensive, go-anywhere accessory is invaluable to communal bathrooms?

  • hair bands
  • flip-flops
  • athletic socks

You may not have realized it when you moved into your dorm room, but what common items do you need to carve out space for?

  • your stuffed animal collection
  • pencils and paper
  • shower supplies and toiletries

Who will you be ecstatic to see on a regular basis while living in the dorm?

  • your roommate
  • the cleaning crew
  • that really hot professor

What's an evasive maneuver you'll need to learn when sharing a college bathroom with five to 50 other people?

  • Breathe through your shirt.
  • Hold it.
  • Move back home.

You can't stand how messy your roommate is, even though you've mentioned it to him/her. So you:

  • Deep clean your roommate's side of the room when he/she is in class.
  • Talk to your R.A.
  • Transfer to another dorm.

Someone on your floor has used the toilet and then decided not to flush it. You:

  • Gag and leave the bathroom.
  • Leave a note.
  • Call your mom.

Your dorm room bed is:

  • a great place to watch TV with your buds
  • a better place to study than the library
  • often neglected in your "cleaning" schedule
  • all of the above

Which simple dorm room addition can help keep it tidy?

  • bottled water
  • an extension cord
  • an extra trash can

Ladies, which bathroom habit is not only hygienic but good for muscle tone?

  • washing your hands
  • hover-peeing
  • brushing teeth while standing on one foot

Which is a helpful mantra for sharing a communal bathroom in college?

  • Don't touch anything.
  • Make yourself at home.
  • Someone else will clean it up.

What kind of "station" can help keep your room tidy?

  • gas station
  • charging station
  • space station

What is a potentially awesome addition to your dorm room, but doesn't really belong there?

  • a reading lamp
  • a first-aid kit
  • your ironic vinyl record collection

Which housekeeping trick can keep your dorm room clutter-free?

  • ignoring clutter
  • vacuuming
  • spraying air freshener

Why pitch in to clean the communal bathroom once a week?

  • You'll impress your parents.
  • What, me clean?
  • It makes the bathroom better for the ones who use it.