Twice the Food, Twice the Fun: Double Oven Quiz
by Staff
In this age of technology, we are always looking to do things quicker and easier than before, and the culinary world is no different. As much as we love the home-cooked, large family meal, who has the time or energy? However, don't despair. The double oven can be the busy person's best culinary friend. Test your knowledge on this much-loved appliance.

Which is NOT one of the common built-in double oven configurations?

  • two full-sized ovens on top of one another
  • a full-sized oven with a convection oven or microwave oven on top
  • a full-sized oven with a pizza oven on top

True or False: A double oven can save you energy.

  • true
  • false

Features available on the more expensive double ovens include the following:

  • halogen lighting for better viewing of your delicacies while they cook
  • voice-activated sensors so you can program your oven without touching a button
  • sound alarms that let you know when your recipe is burning or overcooked

What is NOT a benefit of a convection oven?

  • A convection oven is guaranteed to raise the ROI on a kitchen renovation.
  • Dishes on different racks of a convection oven all cook the same.
  • A convection oven cooks food 25 percent faster than a regular oven.

True or False: You do not have to buy a gas double oven even if you already have a gas stovetop.

  • true
  • false

In a kitchen with a double oven, where should you cook your roast?

  • the top oven
  • the bottom oven
  • doesn't matter

Which is NOT an advantage of a double oven?

  • Your recipes will be more gourmet and taste better.
  • You can cook in different modes at the same time.
  • Your recipes can be cooked and served at the same time.

How long have double ovens been around?

  • 1970s
  • 1980s
  • 1990s

What influences the price of a double oven?

  • brand
  • color
  • all of the above

What is an oven cabinet?

  • the cabinet that is above your oven
  • the cabinet that is below your oven
  • the cabinet, or entire encasement, into which your oven fits, typically, decided upon pre-kitchen construction

What is NOT a standard width for ovens?

  • 27 inches
  • 30 inches
  • 33 inches

What is NOT one of the three basic types of double oven stoves?

  • freestanding double oven with no range (smooth top)
  • freestanding range double oven
  • wall, built-in double oven

How is a convection oven different from the standard oven in a double configuration?

  • The convection oven is used for making sweets, preserves and candies.
  • The convection oven is a gas-powered oven.
  • The convection oven circulates air differently than a standard oven.

According to Remodeling magazine, a double oven configuration with a convection oven with a warming drawer would fall under what type of kitchen renovation?

  • mid-range minor kitchen remodel
  • mid-range major kitchen remodel
  • upscale major kitchen remodel

True or False? A range with a double oven can have the ovens stacked on top of each other or side-by-side.

  • true
  • false

What is NOT a limitation of a gas double oven?

  • They are not as easy to find in the marketplace.
  • They do not have as many features and modern options as an electric oven.
  • They take longer to heat up.

Why would you want a double oven?

  • It makes the best use of smaller kitchen spaces.
  • It allows the cook to separate flavors by separating cooking spaces.
  • both of the above

What is NOT a difference between a commercial and a commercial-style oven?

  • energy output
  • ventilation requirements
  • taste of food

How much food would you expect to cook in the larger, main unit of a built-in double oven?

  • 5-7 gallons (25-30 liters)
  • 9-11 gallons (40-50 liters)
  • 15-18 gallons (70 - 80 liters)

Typical problems or complaints about double ovens include:

  • too many rack positions
  • not enough stylistic options like color and configuration
  • self-cleaning mode is not reliable.