The 'Downton Abbey' Quiz
by Staff
Do you have the inside track on the downstairs gossip? Know all the whispers from the drawing room? Take our "Downton Abbey" quiz to test how well you know your English manor and the various intrigues that make it scintillating.

How does the heir to Downton Abbey die in the first episode of the series?

  • He falls off a polo horse.
  • He chokes on a sticky pudding.
  • He perishes on the Titanic.

Why doesn't Downton go to one of Lord Grantham's three daughters upon his death?

  • because they have no education
  • because they're women
  • because they don't want it

What is Matthew Crawley's profession?

  • an accountant
  • a lawyer
  • He is unemployed.

Who scandalized the Downton household by wearing a pair of bloomer pants?

  • Mrs. Hughes
  • Mary
  • Sybil

What important event ends the first season of the show?

  • Prohibition
  • the beginning of World War I
  • the invention of the miniskirt

What job does Edith take on at the newspaper?

  • education reporter
  • secretary
  • columnist

What career did footman Alfred pursue?

  • valet
  • chef
  • chauffeur

Where was Cora raised?

  • Cincinnati
  • Cleveland
  • Philadelphia

What condition causes Lady Sybil's death?

  • leukemia
  • hemorrhage
  • preeclampsia

When did Lord Grantham first meet Mr. Bates?

  • at school
  • in World War I
  • in the Boer War

Why does Mrs. O'Brien leave Downton?

  • She dies.
  • She takes a job as another lady's maid.
  • She's fired.

What title does Isobel receive when she remarries?

  • duchess
  • baroness
  • countess

What scandal lies in Violet Crawley's past?

  • She learned only ten years ago which fork to use for fish.
  • She had a secret love child.
  • She almost ran away with another man when she was married.

What housemaid secretly trained to be a secretary?

  • Anna
  • Gwen
  • Daisy

What is the religious background of Atticus' family?

  • Anglican
  • Jewish
  • Catholic

What is the nationality of the unfortunate suitor who dies in Lady Mary's bed?

  • Turkish
  • Somalian
  • Irish

What does Molesley's father excel in?

  • gardening
  • cooking
  • raising hogs

Where does Lady Edith go to secretly birth her child?

  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria

What absurdly valuable item is briefly mentioned as being owned by the Crawleys?

  • a tiara that belonged to Elizabeth I
  • an original da Vinci portrait
  • Gutenberg Bible

What indiscretion did Miss Baxter commit while employed as a lady's maid in a previous household?

  • She stole from her employer.
  • She had an affair with the butler.
  • She never shined the shoes.

Who accidentally sets a fire in her bedroom?

  • Mary
  • Edith
  • Daisy

Who's terrible servant commits an atrocious crime upon Anna?

  • Rose
  • Evelyn Napier
  • Lord Gillingham

What does Edith inherit upon Gregson's death?

  • a pretty ring
  • the publishing company
  • his son

Why does Matthew begin to regain feeling in his legs after his injury?

  • yeah, why does he?
  • a new medicine
  • a corrective surgery

What former housemaid becomes a prostitute after leaving Downton?

  • Ivy
  • Gwen
  • Ethel

Why was Mrs. Patmore's nephew shot in the war?

  • friendly fire
  • because it was a war
  • cowardice and desertion

What cool new appliance does Rose desperately want for Downton?

  • a convection oven
  • a radio
  • a coffeemaker

Simon Bricker propositions Cora. Why is he supposedly at the house?

  • to inspect art
  • to hunt
  • to clean the carpets

What is Lord Grantham's sweet dog named?

  • Pudding
  • Biscuit
  • Isis

Who is arrested for Mr. Green's murder?

  • Gillingham
  • Anna
  • Bates