The Ultimate Drain Cleaner Quiz
by Staff
Clogged drains may be a disaster, but the potential ill effects of chemical drain cleaners may be much, much worse. Learn about some safer alternatives to chemical drain cleaners and give these a try the next time your drain backs up. Take this quiz to see how good your drain cleaner knowledge is.

What should you do if a foreign object, such as a wine cork, gets caught in the drain?

  • Use drain cleaner.
  • Remove the object.
  • Use a plunger.

Store-bought drain cleaners use __________ to clear clogs.

  • strong chemicals
  • enzymes
  • bacteria

What do caustic drain cleaners contain?

  • lye
  • caustic potash
  • both answers

Oxidizing drain cleaners contain what household product?

  • bleach
  • baking soda
  • salt

Where may you buy acid drain cleaners?

  • grocery store
  • hardware store
  • neither answer

If you use commercial drain cleaner incorrectly, what may happen to your pipes?

  • soften
  • discolor
  • crack

What may happen if you swallow drain cleaner?

  • burns
  • poisons the body
  • both answers

Why should you use commercial drain cleaner only in a well ventilated room?

  • bad smell
  • harmful to respiratory system
  • interacts with air freshener

If commercial drain cleaner splashes on your counter, what may happen?

  • It sanitizes the counter.
  • It mars the counter.
  • no effect

Enzymatic drains cleaners use __________ to clean drains.

  • bacteria
  • enzymes
  • both answers

Why are enzymatic products better for the environment than commercial drain cleaners?

  • no harmful chemicals
  • harmful chemicals
  • no petroleum products

What materials are needed for a home-remedy drain cleaner?

  • vinegar
  • baking soda
  • both answers

Why should you avoid putting grease down your kitchen or bathroom sink?

  • may clog the sink
  • bad for the environment
  • bad smells

How should you dispose of grease?

  • put cooled grease into a container
  • throw container away
  • both answers

What is the best way to dispose of paper towels that were used in the bathroom?

  • Flush away.
  • Throw in the garbage.
  • Throw paper bits into the sink.

What food items may you put down the sink?

  • coffee grounds
  • small bits of food
  • no food items

What if you have a garbage disposal?

  • Run cold water when grinding.
  • Do not grind large food items.
  • both answers

What is a weekly task that may help to prevent clogs?

  • Pour cold water down your drains.
  • Pour warm water down your drains.
  • Pour hot water down your drains.

How often should your septic system be professionally inspected?

  • every year
  • every two to three years
  • every five years

Where may you buy enzymatic drain cleaners?

  • some grocery stores or hardware stores
  • Internet
  • both answers