Cotton Mouth Kisses: The Dry Mouth Quiz
by Staff
It can be mild or severe, short-term or long-term -- but it's always uncomfortable, and it can lead to more serious problems. How much do you know about dry mouth?

The medical name for dry mouth is:

  • halitosis
  • oral dehydratia
  • xerostomia

True or False: If you think you have dry mouth then you probably do have dry mouth.

  • TRUE

What percentage of the population suffers from dry mouth?

  • approximately 3 percent
  • approximately 10 percent
  • approximately 30 percent

Saliva prevents the buildup of what in your mouth?

  • cotton
  • plaque
  • bacteria

True or False: Even long periods of dry mouth should not concern you.

  • TRUE

What is the most common cause of dry mouth?

  • open mouth breathing
  • medications
  • dehydration

Which of the following can lead to dry mouth?

  • disease
  • medications
  • tobacco use
  • all of the above

An example of a temporary cause of dry mouth is:

  • injury
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • nervousness

The disease most closely associated with dry mouth is known as:

  • Segram's Syndrome
  • Showman's Syndrome
  • Sjogren's Syndrome

A famous person who revealed she has Sjogren's Syndrome is:

  • Monica Lewinsky
  • Martina Navratilova
  • Venus Williams

This activity can cause dry mouth:

  • smoking
  • tanning
  • yodeling

True or False: Your brain and nervous system have nothing to do with dry mouth.

  • TRUE

This can harm glands that create saliva:

  • radiation
  • gargling
  • screaming

How many people in the United States suffer from Sjogren's Syndrome?

  • Approximately 4,000
  • Approximately 400,000
  • Approximately 4 million

True or False: Cold medicines, anti-anxiety drugs and high blood pressure medications can cause dry mouth.

  • TRUE

These drugs are specifically designed to increase saliva production.

  • Ibuprofen and Viagra
  • Evoxac and Salogen
  • Salivant and Glandestimine

True or False: There are no synthetic substitutes for saliva.

  • TRUE

True or False: Coffee, soda and tea can stimulate saliva production.

  • TRUE

True or False: Sugar-free candies and ice chips can stimulate saliva production.

  • TRUE

True or False: Limiting your salt and alcohol intake can help prevent dry mouth.

  • TRUE