The Ultimate Dryer Vent Cleaning Quiz
by Staff
Did you know that annual maintenance of your dryer will keep it lasting longer? Cleaning the dryer's vents regularly can save you time and money as well. Take our quiz and learn how to do it.

How often should you clean your dryer vent?

  • weekly
  • monthly
  • annually

What is it that clogs up your dryer vent?

  • lint
  • dust
  • buttons and decorative items

What tools do you need to clean your dryer vent?

  • a brush and shovel
  • a toothbrush
  • a vacuum cleaner

Where does most lint collect?

  • at the exit to the outside
  • at the ends
  • in the middle

How many fires are caused by clothes dryers?

  • 500
  • 10, 000
  • 25, 000

What is included in a dryer vent cleaning kit?

  • a suction cap and some brushes
  • a flashlight and a wire stick
  • brushes and extension tools

How much does it cost to have your dryer vent professionally cleaned?

  • $20-$50
  • $50-$70
  • $75-$200

What shape are vent systems usually?

  • straight
  • bent
  • curvy

How is a vent usually attached to a dryer?

  • with screws
  • with a clamp
  • with glue

What is the first and most essential step to take when cleaning your dryer vent?

  • Unplug it.
  • Wear a mask to prevent an allergic reaction to the lint.
  • Make sure the dryer is not in use.