The Ultimate Dual Flush Toilet Quiz
by Staff
The dual flush toilet is a water-saving milestone in the history of indoor plumbing. Learn how dual flush toilets work and how they can replace older toilets.

Who invented the modern toilet?

  • Thomas Crapper
  • Jacques Commode
  • It was a group effort that evolved over time.

When was the first flush toilet patent filed?

  • 1760
  • 1775
  • 1790

What was a milestone moment in the history of plumbing in America?

  • moving toilets indoors from the outhouse
  • changing the name from privy to toilet
  • flushing every time the toilet is used

Which of the following characteristics is distinct to the shelf toilet?

  • It is square in shape.
  • It is installed on an elevated platform.
  • It separates liquid and solid waste.

Dual flush toilets have caught on in which water-challenged country?

  • Canada
  • Australia
  • England

How much water do modern dual flush toilets use to flush liquid waste?

  • less than 1 gallon (about 3 liters)
  • 2 gallons (6 liters)
  • 5 gallons (19 liters)

What was the plumbing breakthrough that paved the way for dual flush technology?

  • a large diameter trapway
  • a hose that extracted solids from liquids
  • the two-button flushing system

Dual flush toilets employ what method to flush waste?

  • a siphoning tube
  • a large trapway and wash-down flush
  • reverse gravity

When should you use a full flush with a dual flush toilet?

  • Use a full flush when cleaning the toilet.
  • Use a full flush only for solid waste.
  • Every other flush should be a full flush.

What is the main cosmetic drawback of the dual flush toilet?

  • It's harder to keep clean than a standard toilet.
  • It only comes in white.
  • The toilet seat is smaller than a standard toilet.

When replacing your standard toilet with a dual flush model, which measurement is most important?

  • height of toilet
  • width of bowl
  • rough-in measurement

What is the first step to install a new toilet?

  • Disconnect the water hose from the toilet.
  • Remove the bolts that hold your existing toilet to the floor.
  • Turn off the water supply to the toilet.

How do retrofit kits that convert your standard toilet to dual flush work?

  • They give you the option of partial or full toilet flush.
  • They change the system to a wash-down flush.
  • They widen the trapway.

What is the last step when installing a new toilet of any type?

  • Turn on the water supply.
  • Install the toilet seat.
  • Reconnect the supply hose.

Which law governs toilet water conservation in the United States?

  • National Water Requirement Act
  • National Toilet and Shower Act
  • National Energy Policy Act

How do local and state governments encourage consumers to invest in more water-efficient toilet technologies?

  • tax incentives
  • vouchers for free toilet upgrades
  • fines

Toilets account for approximately how much of the average home's indoor water usage?

  • 20 percent
  • 30 percent
  • 40 percent

How many times a day does the average person flush the toilet?

  • five to eight
  • six to 10
  • eight to 12

How many gallons of water could Americans save each day by upgrading their older toilets to new dual flush toilets?

  • 1 billion gallons (3.8 billion liters)
  • 2 billion gallons (7.6 billion liters)
  • 3 billion gallons (11.3 billion liters)

What is the biggest threat to our water supply?

  • lax environmental regulation
  • global warming
  • population increases