The 'DuckTales' Quiz
by Staff
Disney's 2015 announcement of a "DuckTales" reboot left fans quacking with excitement, but how much do you remember about your favorite feathered friends? Take our quiz to find out!

What is Donald Duck busy doing while his nephews bunk with Uncle Scrooge?

  • serving a prison term
  • serving in the Navy
  • No one really knows.

Who is the sultry sorceress who is constantly after Scrooge's No. 1 Dime?

  • Morticia Adams
  • Monica De Ville
  • Magica De Spell

What is the name of the nanny who looks after Huey, Dewey and Louie?

  • Mrs. Beakley
  • Mr. Belvedere
  • Webby

Who is Flintheart Glomgold?

  • the luckiest duck in the world
  • a goofy inventor
  • an evil tycoon

Who is the luckiest duck in the world?

  • Gladstone Gander
  • Donald Duck
  • Gyro Gearloose

Where did Scrooge begin to amass his fortune?

  • Wall Street
  • the Klondike
  • Antarctica

Where does "DuckTales" take place?

  • Duckville
  • Duckburg
  • Quacktown

Where does Scrooge keep his money?

  • a bank
  • under his mattress
  • in his money bin

Which of the following characters was not a Beagle Boy?

  • Burger
  • Bigtime
  • Bondi

What is the name of Duckburg's hapless inventor?

  • Gyro Gearloose
  • Fenton Crackshell
  • Duckworth

Who serves as Scrooge's personal pilot?

  • Doofus
  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Gyro Gearloose

Who plays the robot Gizmo-Duck?

  • Launchpad McQuack
  • Gyro Gearloose
  • Fenton Crackshell

What code word does Fenton use to put on the Gizmo-Duck suit?

  • quackaroonie
  • roboduck
  • blatherskite

How do the ducks find William Drakespeare's lost play?

  • pushing a button
  • shaking his hand
  • fingerprint scanner

Who voiced Uncle Scrooge?

  • Mel Blanc
  • Wayne Allwine
  • Alan Young

What youth group are Huey, Dewey and Louie part of?

  • the Boy Scouts
  • the Junior Woodchucks
  • the Campfire Boys

What is the name of the island where glowing fruit grows in the episode "Catch as Cash Can"?

  • Macaroon
  • Mykonos
  • Duck Island

How does Scrooge disguise his money in the episode "Catch as Cash Can"?

  • stuffs it under his mattress
  • disguises it as ice cream
  • trades it in for larger bills

What special power does the golden harp have in the episode "Raiders of the Lost Harp"?

  • detecting a lie
  • turning metal into gold
  • allowing anyone to play it perfectly

Which comic artist created Scrooge McDuck?

  • Dona Rosa
  • Carl Barks
  • Bob Karp

What is the name of Scrooge's faithful butler?

  • Houndsworth
  • McQuack
  • Duckworth

What is the name of the cave duck the gang encounters in the episode "Time is Money"?

  • Bubba
  • Doofus
  • Fenton

What is the name of Bubba's favorite pet?

  • Tootsie
  • Trevor
  • Tintin

What is Fenton's job before he becomes Gizmo-Duck?

  • doctor
  • lawyer
  • accountant

Who serves as Scrooge's double-crossing guide in the episode "Treasure of the Lost Lamp"?

  • Dijon
  • Merlock
  • Glomgold

What is the preferred currency in the episode "The Land of Trala La"?

  • bottle caps
  • money
  • beads

What is the name of Huey, Dewey and Louie's slightly goofy fellow Woodchuck, voiced by Brian Cummings?

  • Goofus
  • Doofus
  • Bubba

What duck enemy continuously swears revenge in the episode "The Treasure of the Golden Suns"?

  • Glomgold
  • El Capitan
  • Launchpad

What is Glomgold's map made of in the episode "The Treasure of the Golden Suns"?

  • gold
  • wood
  • chocolate

How many "DuckTales" episodes were made in the '80s and '90s?

  • 62
  • 100
  • 220