The Dwayne Johnson Quiz
by Staff
Have you seen every Dwayne Johnson movie? Do you remember The Rock grappling against Triple H for the WWE title? Answer these questions, and see if you can smell what The Rock is quizzing.

Actor and entertainer Dwayne Johnson first gained notoriety as an athlete in which professional league?

  • UFC
  • NFL
  • WWF

Before his acting career Dwayne Johnson was best known to wrestling fans by what nickname?

  • Stone Cold
  • The Rock
  • The Hammer

When was Dwayne Johnson born?

  • May 2, 1972
  • April 20, 1971
  • June 4, 1970

What was the first feature film Dwayne Johnson appeared in?

  • "The Scorpion King"
  • "The Rundown"
  • "The Mummy Returns"

Where did The Rock play college football?

  • University of Southern California
  • University of Miami
  • Louisiana State University

What high school did The Rock graduate from?

  • Hayward High School
  • Bethlehem High School
  • Freedom High School

True or false: Dwayne Johnson was a third-generation professional wrestler.

  • true
  • false

What actress co-starred in the 2010 film "The Tooth Fairy" with Dwayne Johnson?

  • Renee Zellweger
  • Ashley Judd
  • Hilary Swank

Where was The Rock born?

  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Miami, Florida
  • Hayward, California

Which Canadian Football League team did Dwayne Johnson play for?

  • Calgary Stampeders
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • B.C. Lions

What was Dwayne Johnson's first wrestling stage name?

  • The Iron Sheik
  • The Man
  • Flex Kavana

What year did Dwayne Johnson make his WWF wrestling television debut?

  • 1995
  • 1996
  • 1997

Dwayne Johnson's grandfather appeared in a bit role as a villain in what 1967 James Bond film?

  • "You Only Live Twice"
  • "Dr. No"
  • "Goldfinger"

What character did The Rock play in the television series "That 70s Show"?

  • Killer Kowalski
  • The High Chief
  • Rocky Johnson

Dwayne Johnson's first leading role was in what 2002 feature film?

  • "The Rundown"
  • "The Mummy"
  • "The Scorpion King"

True or false: Before making it big as a professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson was drafted by the National Football League.

  • true
  • false

Dwayne Johnson's grandfather Peter Fanene Maivia was a professional wrestler, what was his stage name?

  • The Shark
  • The High Chief
  • The Rock

What "Jackass" cast member co-starred with Dwayne Johnson in the 2004 movie "Walking Tall"?

  • Steve-O
  • Bam Margera
  • Johnny Knoxville

Tanoai Reed often serves as a stunt double for Dwayne Johnson. How is Reed related to Johnson?

  • Reed is a cousin.
  • Reed is a half brother.
  • Reed is an uncle.

Who was The Rock's opponent in his WWF wrestling debut?

  • Kamala
  • The Brooklyn Brawler
  • Hulk Hogan

In addition to his stage name, what nickname did Dwayne Johnson receive after winning a WWE title?

  • The People's Champ
  • The High Chief
  • The California Kid

Dwayne Johnson is a citizen of what country?

  • Samoa
  • Canada
  • both of the above

What book, published in January 2000, did Dwayne Johnson co-author?

  • "Dwayne Johnson Says"
  • "Have a Nice Day!"
  • "The Rock Says"

How many times has Dwayne Johnson won the WWE Championship?

  • five
  • six
  • seven

Dwayne Johnson was part of the Miami Hurricanes college football team that won the National Championship in what year?

  • 1991
  • 1992
  • 1993

What character does Dwayne Johnson play in the "Fast & Furious" movie franchise?

  • Vince Toretto
  • Brian O'Conner
  • Luke Hobbs

A pink tutu is worn by Dwayne Johnson's character in what 2010 movie?

  • "The Other Guys"
  • "Tooth Fairy"
  • "Race to Witch Mountain"

True or false: Dwayne Johnson graduated from college with a degree in criminology.

  • true
  • false

What was the first "Fast and Furious" movie to feature Dwayne Johnson as government agent Luke Hobbs?

  • "Fast Four"
  • "2 Fast 2 Furious"
  • "Fast Five"

What 2015 disaster movie does Dwayne Johnson star in?

  • "Deep Impact"
  • "San Andreas"
  • "Dante's Peak"