How much do you know about eating disorders?
by Staff
Widely misunderstood by the general public and the media, eating disorders manifest in many different ways. How much do you really know about eating disorders? Take our quiz and find out.

What percentage of women on college campuses report trying to control their weight through dieting?

  • 72 percent
  • 91 percent
  • 57 percent

Many girls begin expressing concern about their weight around age:

  • 12
  • 10
  • 6

This eating disorder has the highest mortality rate of any mental disorder:

  • bulimia nervosa
  • anorexia nervosa
  • cachexia

What ratio of men suffer from eating disorders?

  • 1 out every 10
  • 1 out of every 20
  • 1 out of every 50

This pop singer stated that overcoming bulimia saved her voice.

  • Katy Perry
  • Pink
  • Lady Gaga

Eating disorders often go hand-in-hand with this disorder:

  • dissociative identity disorder
  • depression
  • trichotillomania

Andrew Morton revealed in his 1992 biography this royal suffered from bulimia.

  • Princess Grace
  • Princess Margaret
  • Princess Diana

What percentage of normal dieters eventually progress to pathological or obsessive dieting?

  • 35 percent
  • 25 percent
  • 15 percent

One symptom of binge eating disorder is:

  • uncontrollable cravings for chocolate
  • food restriction
  • eating when not hungry

One symptom of anorexia nervosa is:

  • hoarding food
  • binge eating episodes
  • amenorrhea

A recent proliferation of websites dedicated to giving people with eating disorders inspiration on staying thin and disordered go by the name:

  • pro-ana
  • pro-polly
  • pro-exia

An eating disorder causing impairment, but doesn't meet the criteria for an established disorder is called:

  • cachexia
  • eating disorder not otherwise specified
  • wasting disorder

People with this eating disorder eat things with no nutritional value, such as dirt, paint, or stones.

  • Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • binge eating disorder
  • pica

Karen Carpenter, one-half of the famous '70s group The Carpenters, died from complications of anorexia. Her official cause of death was:

  • heart failure
  • stroke
  • pneumonia

"Wasting disorder" is also known by this medical term.

  • anorexia nervosa
  • cachexia
  • bulimia nervosa

This percentage of American women possess the body type portrayed in most advertising and media:

  • 5 percent
  • 10 percent
  • 15 percent

Out of all eating disorder diagnoses, this one has the highest male to female ratio:

  • anorexia
  • bulimia
  • binge eating disorder

A symptom of anorexia is a downy layer of body hair. What is this called?

  • tufts
  • lanugo
  • pelo

This British singer went public with his eating disorder in 2002.

  • Elton John
  • Bono
  • Robbie Williams

What percentage of college-aged women use binging and purging as a weight-management technique?

  • 10 percent
  • 25 percent
  • 15 percent