The Ultimate Ecolodge Quiz
by Staff
On your next vacation try to contribute to the community that you visit. Ecotourism is a responsible way to travel this Earth. Take this quiz to learn more about vacationing at an ecolodge.

What is ecotourism?

  • responsible travel
  • benefits the destination
  • both answers

What will an ecolodge provide?

  • place to stay
  • place to stay and education
  • place to stay, education and hands-on experience

How does the Sani Lodge benefit the community?

  • build a school
  • line shareholders pockets
  • support local politicians

What kind of accommodations are available at ecolodges?

  • deluxe rooms
  • tents
  • both answers

What may be a feature at an ecolodge?

  • sunshowers
  • composting toilets
  • both answers

What type of ecolodge may offer mountain climbing activities?

  • adventure travel ecolodge
  • nature based ecolodges
  • education based ecolodges

How can you get information about ecolodges?

  • Internet
  • travel agent
  • both answers

What are some ecotourism buzzwords?

  • green travel
  • unparalleled luxury
  • enormous Jacuzzi

What is an example of conventional mass tourism?

  • Disney World
  • Daintree Eco Lodge and Spa
  • neither answer

What is an example of alternative tourism?

  • Ecolodge Rendez-Vous in Saba
  • Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas
  • Four Seasons in New York City

What is one of Martha Honey's seven points of ecotourism?

  • providing funds for conservation
  • disregarding the effect of travel on the environment
  • neither answer

Who is Martha Honey?

  • author
  • lodge manager
  • travel agent

If you are concerned with the negative impact that your vacation may have on the environment, you may be interested in what type of vacation?

  • ecotourism
  • amusement park
  • theatre tour

How can you be a responsible traveler?

  • litter
  • conserve resources
  • disrespect local customs

What sustainable measure may an ecolodge follow?

  • using paper and plastic
  • outsourcing jobs
  • using local materials

How can you get a good look at nature without impacting the area?

  • view from your balcony
  • use an elevated walkway
  • both answers

What is a green feature?

  • solar lights
  • high pressure showers
  • central air conditioning

What can you expect from an ecolodge?

  • imported food
  • imported materials
  • preserved natural setting

Why may an ecolodge be a poor choice if you want privacy?

  • Interacting with the local population is a part of the ecolodge experience.
  • Privacy is not guaranteed at an ecolodge.
  • Neither answer is correct.

What is another name for ecotourism?

  • responsible tourism
  • sustainable tourism
  • both answers