The Ultimate Electric Furnace Repair Quiz
by Staff
Keep your electric furnace in top working order by maintaining and cleaning the unit. Knowing which tasks you can do yourself and which are meant for a professional is important for the proper care of your unit. Take this quiz to see how well you know how to repair an electric furnace.

What may be the result of improperly installed heating ducts?

  • heat loss
  • lower power bills
  • heat gain

Why is adequate insulation important for sufficient heating?

  • prevents heat loss
  • prevents noise
  • repels insects

What is a disadvantage of an electric furnace?

  • high cost
  • noisy
  • hard to maintain

How often should you professionally service your electric furnace?

  • twice every year
  • once every year
  • every two years

Who is qualified to repair the furnace's heating elements?

  • a professional
  • you
  • both answers

What may result if a heat register is blocked?

  • not enough heat
  • too much heat
  • noise

What can be done for a squeaking belt?

  • Wipe with mineral oil.
  • Wipe with vinegar
  • Spray with fan belt dressing.

What should you do if the furnace motor overloads?

  • Wait 30 minutes.
  • Press the reset button.
  • both answers

If the furnace does not run and you have tried all the suggested troubleshooting steps, what should you do?

  • Call a professional.
  • Buy a new furnace.
  • Replace the heating relays.

What is an oil port?

  • opening for lubrication
  • Portuguese fortified wine
  • opening for fuel

What will happen if the thermostat is set to ON?

  • run continuously
  • start and stop
  • will not run

What is the reason to set the thermostat to AUTO?

  • to maintain the set temperature
  • to run all the time
  • to remain off

What may be done if the blower's belt makes noise?

  • Tighten belt.
  • Loosen belt.
  • both answers

What may be done if the blower's belt has broken?

  • Replace with the same type belt.
  • Replace with the same size belt.
  • both answers

What type of filter may be cleaned?

  • permanent filter
  • disposable filter
  • both answers