Gadget Savvy: Electric Motors Quiz
by Staff
Electric motors are inside all kinds of ordinary devices, using a power source to make motion. So what makes the motor go 'round?

The basis of an electric motor is:

  • a spark plug
  • a magnet
  • a battery

A motor's motion comes from which property of magnets?

  • Like poles repel each other.
  • Opposite poles attract each other.
  • both A and B

The six basic parts of a simple two-pole motor are:

  • the armature, the commutator, the brushes, the axle, a field magnet and a DC power supply
  • the armature, the brushes, the battery, the axle, the anchor and a field magnet
  • the commutator, the brushes, the casing, a DC power supply and the wires

A motor's armature acts as:

  • a rotor
  • an anchor
  • an axle

When a small motor turns on, the armature spins because of:

  • gravity
  • magnetism
  • inertia

What two parts of an electric motor are responsible for changing the direction of the current?

  • the commutator and the rotor
  • the axle and the brushes
  • the commutator and the brushes

Which part of the motor holds the armature and commutator in place?

  • wires
  • battery
  • axle

What part of the motor transfers power from the battery to the commutator?

  • wires
  • brushes
  • poles

Why do most rotors in an electric motor have three poles instead of two?

  • It prevents the motor from getting stuck.
  • It prevents the commutator from shorting out the battery.
  • both A and B

Which of these kitchen appliances does not have an electric motor?

  • blender
  • water filter
  • refrigerator