The Ultimate Electric Screwdriver Quiz
by Staff
If you love puttering around the house fixing things, you know how handy an electric screwdriver is. Take this quiz to find out what's inside it and how easy is it to use.

Which of these are contained in an electric screwdriver?

  • gears
  • blades
  • mufflers

What is the locking mechanism for?

  • the battery
  • the chuck
  • the motor

Which of these best describes the planetary gear system?

  • triple
  • dual
  • multi

In which direction/s does the switch block cause the screwdriver to turn?

  • forward (clockwise)
  • reverse (counterclockwise)
  • forward and reverse

When you move the switch from neutral, what happens?

  • Both metal loops touch both contacts to complete an electric circuit.
  • One metal loop touches a contact to complete an electric circuit.
  • Neither metal loop touches a contact.

What is the purpose of the wires?

  • to recharge the battery
  • to keep the inner machinations tightly held together
  • to deliver electricity from the battery

If the dual planetary gear system has a 56:1 reduction ratio, what does this mean?

  • The gear system is reduced to 56 revolutions for every turn of the motor.
  • The motor turns one time for 56 turns of the chuck.
  • The motor turns 56 times for one turn of the chuck.

Where are the batteries located in the electric screwdriver?

  • alongside the gear train
  • inside the handle
  • underneath the chuck

How often does the center gear have to turn in order for the three neighboring gears to turn once?

  • three times
  • eight times
  • 56 times

Inside an electric screwdriver is a little six-tooth gear. Where is it located?

  • behind the chuck
  • at the base of the battery
  • at the end of the motor