The Ultimate Electric Fireplaces Quiz
by Staff
If you are one of those who love the look and warmth of a wood burning fireplace, you may want to consider an electric fireplace or electric fireplace insert. Electric units produce heat without all the work and mess of a wood-burning fireplace. Take this quiz to see how hot your electric fireplace knowledge is.

Why do some people find wood burning fireplaces too much work?

  • You must chop or buy wood.
  • You have to clean the fireplace, flue and chimney.
  • both answers

How can you get the benefit of a wood-burning fire without all the work?

  • Buy an electric fireplace.
  • Turn on the heat.
  • Buy fake logs.

Why do electric fireplaces need no cleaning?

  • They are self-cleaning.
  • They have no logs or ash.
  • You replace them yearly.

How is an electric fireplace installed?

  • by a professional
  • by connecting it to the gas
  • by just plugging it in

How do you acquire wood for a wood-burning fireplace?

  • Chop it yourself.
  • Buy chopped wood.
  • both answers

How do electric fireplaces produce heat?

  • heating coils
  • fan
  • both answers

Why may electric fireplaces be a fire hazard?

  • The heat may set fire to flammable items close to the fireplace.
  • Sparks may set fire to flammable items close to the fireplace.
  • A dirty chimney may catch fire.

In an electric fireplace, how are flickering flames created?

  • light bulb
  • refracted light
  • both answers

What electric product may you want to purchase if your home has a fireplace and mantle?

  • electric fireplace inserts
  • vacuum cleaner
  • blender

What type of ventilation is required for electric fireplaces?

  • none required
  • standard venting
  • special venting

If you have installed an electric insert, what can you do if you want a real wood fire?

  • Remove the electric unit.
  • Set a wood fire.
  • both answers

How many BTUs do electric fireplace units produce?

  • 5000
  • 7000
  • 10000

Before purchasing an electric fireplace unit, what information is important to know?

  • warranty
  • installation
  • cleaning

What if you like the look of a fireplace but don't want the heat?

  • Set to no heat.
  • Set to heat.
  • Purchase an additional feature.

What handy accessory may you like included with your electric fireplace or insert?

  • remote control
  • fire poker
  • chainmail screen

If you do not like the look of imitation logs in an electric fireplace, what other options are there?

  • imitation coals
  • imitation steel tubes
  • both answers

How many exterior style options are available for electric fireplace units?

  • one style option
  • limited style options
  • many style options

How are electric units mounted?

  • hung on a wall
  • set on a table
  • both answers

What mantle options are available for electric fireplaces?

  • one material only
  • limited materials
  • same as wood burning fireplaces

Where were the first electric fireplace units used?

  • home use
  • commercial use
  • theatrical use