Electricity Quiz
by Staff
Electricity! Little electrons, running around, making things light up, getting up to all kinds of wacky hijinks. Test your knowledge on the flow of electric charge with this quiz.

AC/DC - it's not just a band. What do these abbreviation stand for?

  • alternating current, direct current
  • analog current, digital current
  • apple strudel current, doughnut current

What was the late-19th-century "War of Currents" about?

  • which way the Gulf Stream really flows
  • whether diesel generators or steam turbines are better
  • whether electricity should be distributed as AC or DC

Which of these inventions is Thomas Edison not associated with?

  • phonograph
  • lightbulb
  • movie camera
  • ice cream cone

Why is an electric eel's name kind of wrong?

  • It can't make electricity.
  • It's not really an eel.
  • all of the above

What does a transformer do to electrical cuttent? (Not a Transformer. A transformer.)

  • change its voltage
  • turns electricity into power
  • add more watts

Where does most electricity in the United States come from?

  • fossil fuels
  • nuclear power
  • rivers
  • wind turbines

How do power station generators work?

  • A magnet on a shaft spins around.
  • A chemical reaction creates electron flow.
  • It's definitely got something to do with elves.

What is the name of the song to which the line dance the "electric slide" is performed?

  • "Electric Slide"
  • "Electric Boogie"
  • "Oh My, Is That The Time? I Really Must Be Going"
  • "It's Electric"