Quiz: Do you know how the Enertia Building System Works?
by Staff
Have you ever heard of a house that doesn't need a heating or cooling system? The Enertia Building System uses clever architectural designs to keep a home's temperature stable. Take our quiz to see how you might be able to apply these green building tips to your current or future home.

The Enertia Building System works by _________.

  • recycling energy from garbage
  • using hydroelectric generators from rainwater
  • a combination of new and old building techniques

What is an Enertia home mainly built from?

  • wood
  • cement bricks
  • rubber foam

Which type of timber contains a lot of resin and other important energy-related properties?

  • Northern red mahogany
  • Eastern red oak
  • Southern yellow pine

What is a dynamic envelope?

  • a self-opening and -closing mailing device
  • an airflow zone
  • solar panels

Which of the following rooms would you usually place inside the buffer zone?

  • bedroom
  • kitchen
  • laundry

The _______ side of an Enertia house has a large bank of windows to provide access for sunlight.

  • northern
  • southern
  • western

What is the part of the outer buffer zone that absorbs most of the solar energy called?

  • sun space
  • solar panel collectors
  • photovoltaic panels

What keeps the house warm overnight in the winter?

  • extra insulation in the roof
  • solar-powered heaters
  • the gradual release of the heat stored in the wood

As the weather gets warmer after spring, the windows of the _________ need to be opened to prepare for summer.

  • southern side of the buffer zone
  • the northern side of the basement and the attic
  • kitchen and laundry

How does the sunlight work to keep an Enertia house cool in summer?

  • The sunlight provides power to air conditioners via solar panels.
  • The sunlight evaporates water on surface of the house, which works like sweat cooling a hot body.
  • The sunlight powers the convection current of the buffer zone.

When is the cooling effect of the outer buffer zone relatively ineffective at keeping the temperature comfortable?

  • nighttime in the summer
  • midday in the spring
  • afternoon in a dry winter

Enertia homes function with the greatest efficiency in ________ climates.

  • wet
  • mild
  • cold

What type of heat is used to heat the living space of an Enertia house?

  • radiant heat
  • solar heat
  • convection heat

Why might you still need to install a heating or cooling system in an Enertia house?

  • if the climate is very cloudy or humid
  • if the mortgage or building codes require it
  • both of the above

If an air conditioner is required, what part of the design of an Enertia house ensures its efficient use?

  • the warm air in the attic
  • the inner living space
  • the cool air in the basement